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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Luke the Noteable Completed his 2000 days Mark in Hardcore Minecraft

Luke TheNoteable who is so famous for his Minecraft hardcore adventures. This is great news for his stans right now he completed the 2000 days mark on Minecraft and started editing the video of the same. Everyone was waiting so bad for this checking his Twitter page to know the progress and At last, we saw the words 2000 Days on his official Twitter page. 

LukeTheNoteable 2000 days completed
It's time to change his The 1000 Days Man to 2000 Days man we can spam that in the comments of the video once it is out. Even though he made a great achievement it might take some time to upload the video because unlike his old videos in this video has to cover a 1000 Days long run here. His narrative style, voice, and his brief description of each day along with amazing creativities make the video amazing. Since it is Hardcore Minecraft we are assured of near-death moments that will give us goosebumps. Memes were flooding on Twitter and Reddit when he reached the 1950+ Days itself. So everyone is so proud of his achievement. Memes and Trolls are still flooding in Reddit and Twitter.

To know more about his Minecraft adventure days. Take a look here. We can wait for the video to be uploaded soon and let's cheer PogChamps all around. 

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Pokimane reduced her maximum Donation limit to $5

Pokimane reduced her maximum Donation limit to $5

The 24 years old female streamer who always stays on top of the list just announced that she reduced her maximum donation limit to $5. Pokimane fans are well known for their high amount of donations and they are called 'simps' for the same. This move can be appreciated on this hard pandemic time where people enjoy streams staying home more than ever. Donations like these are always a huge income for the streamers sometimes they receive more than they deserve. Main attraction Pokimane decided to stop people donating her a large amount so they are advised to spend on the other small streamers or to treat themselves with the money. She worked with Stream Labs and announced the same in her official Twitter profile. She also stated something which more other streamers don't do. She said anything more than this is unnecessary at this point. These actions prove why she is on top of the streaming community. Take a look at the Twitter post below.

 All the community welcomed this tweet. So many Content creators themselves replied to this tweet as a legendary action to take. Still, there are so many streamers who just farm the donations from the fans or viewers don't even care about how hard they made money and all. That's something personal but a person saying don't spend money on me treat yourself is always a non-greedy character and something everyone who earned enough already should copy. We offer Pokimane a standing ovation for the same. Also, the Teen streamer who streams every day with more than 50K viewers is inspired by this legendary action and queried regarding this in the same. We need streamers who thinks about others life and spread humanity all around the world.

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Monday, 2 November 2020

MCC 12 Date and Teams

MCC is gaining popularity and booming at a great rate. Their successful run of championship competitions makes viewers so attracted to them. Each time in each MCC they change so many things and add some extra surprise and funny elements that test out the hell out of a Minecraft player. Now, After the successful MCC 11, the date and teams are announced for MCC12. As always and this will be great fun and let's hope your favorite win this time.

Date of MCC 12

It's on 14th November Saturday at 8PM GMT. The sad news is we don't have Technoblade for this event MCC 12.

Teams of MCC 12

Red Rabbits

The team Red Rabbits include Quackity, TommyInnit, Tubbo and, Wisp. Last time in MCC 11 we saw TommyInnit played serious not for content and he was a beast and finished 5th in overall individual performance. Let's hope they play seriously not for content this time too.
Red Rabbits

Orange Ocelots

This team includes all 4 players that already know each other and streams on Dream SMP and they might produce surprise chemistry in the team. This team includes KarlJacobs, Hbomb94, ItsFundy and, The_Eret In MCC 11 we saw Karl winning the championship and a great performance by HBOMB94 on the buildmart and all. This team will be great to watch.
Orange Ocelots

Yellow Yaks

Yellow Yaks team features GizzyGazza, Quig, RyguyRocky, and SB737. We will hope to see a great performance from this team here. Quig the Individual top scorer in MCC 10 will be a great attraction to watch here.
Yellow Yaks

Lime Llamas

Lime Llamas got the gem who finished second in overall MCC 11 FruitBerries between 1st and 3rd Dream and Technoblade respectively. It'll be great to watch the awesome performance from the players that are expected more to do every time. With FruitBerries also CubFan135, Pealescentmoon and, SmallishBeans represent the team Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas

Green Guardians

Once again a player with winner title on last MCC 11. With GeorgeNotFound Ph1lza, Tapl and Wilbursoot join the team. MCC 11 it was fun to watch GeorgeNotFound winning the championship with Dream Team in a team. Also, there were several moments like Ph1lza doing Wilbur glitch. This will be a team fun to and will provide a great competition this time.
Green Guardians

Cyan Creepers

In MCC 11 we saw Seapeekay finished 12th and SolidarityGaming on 22nd. We hope they improve their positions this time. Petezahhutt dropped in the last minute of the previous championship due to power issues. This team might produce a great surprise run in MCC 12. Let's hope for the best.
Cyan Creepers

Aqua Axolotls

FalseSymmetry, Fwhip and, Grian finished in the top 20 of overall individual performances while Rendon placed in the top 30. It will be a great banger if this team wins the MCC 12.
Aqua Axolotls

Blue Bats

Punz and Illumina are featuring in MCC for the first time in MCC 12. As a Minecraft player Punz improved a lot in speedrunning and also PVP s recently. He alongside has the speedrunning beast Illumina who was also there in the previous MCC championship. We predict this team to come in the top 5 on MCC 12. Only Karacorys featured in the last MCC securing 32nd place in the overall individual performance. Having the first-timers in MCC who are good players too will confuse the other teams well.
Blue Bats

Purple Pandas

Yet another team with a winner from the last MCC championship. Sapnap is the man with results from practices. Sapnap displayed his strength of Parkour and PVP skill in the MCC 11 securing 10th place in the overall individual performance. Alongside him joins Shubble, DANTDM and, DangThatsALongName. We saw this team started training already for the event which makes sure a strong battle in the MCC 12 championship.
Purple Pandas

Pink Parrots

MCC 11 individual and team champion Dream joins with CaptainSparklez, MichaelMcchill and, Spifey in the Pink Parrots team. Even though Dream had some distractions and lost some rounds in the previous MCC he secured the first so easily. He's the only one who completed the parkour warrior on the event. The experienced man CaptianSparklez also is a great advantage for the event. We predict this team to win the MCC 12 event.

We miss Technoblade so much in the MCC 12. We hope he has a good break from these events. We predict Pink Parrots to win the MCC 12. Comment your predictions below.

We covered the entire Dream vs Technoblade of MCC 11 here.

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

MrBeast Uber'd and gave the cars to the Random People

 What are the odds you just placed an Uber ride and reach the destination and realize that the car is yours? Whhhhaaatttt. Yeah, he even gave away a Lamborghini. If I was the passenger I would've shocked to death. That was so insane, intense, and made several people happy. MrBeast and the crew did some weird things so that the passenger thinks they are crazy and will not believe them at the first and when they realize it will be so crazy to film those. By the way, I can't stop swearing on He gave away this beauty.

MrBeast gave away Lamborghini
There were some crazy moments when there were 3 passengers. So to decide whom to give the car he just made a running race between them so the winner gets the car. This is no strange situation for MrBeast to solve. He is actually addicted to giving away. He is an uninvited guest to make the public happy. Can you believe it he gave away 6+ cars just for a 14 minute and literally without a single sponsorship mentioning? He even gave a Uber guy a car stating he realizes how to live as an Uber guy. Most of them really went to tears and say what people love Jimmy aka MrBeast.

This is the best part he made a race among his crewmates. Not car race actually whoever in Chandler, Karl and Tyler give away a car they will just win $10,000. The content was crazy. Everyone was so rushed to win and guess what most of the people doesn't believe them and keep on ignoring them. In the end, a guy agrees to get the car from Tyler who just wins $10,000 just he gave away a car for free. Even if I was in the audience I won't have accepted the car unless I watched their videos and know who they are. People differ in character and if you agree with me you already lost the car from MrBeast.

MrBeast is a legend on the content he fills so much fun, emotions, craziness so on. At the end of the day, he makes people's life easy and HAPPY. We love MrBeast in case this reaches you. We love you, Just keep on being amazing. Watch the crazy video below.

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Dream vs Technoblade MCC 11 results

Dream won MCC 11

 This is the complete game by game analysis of Dream vs Technoblade in MCC 11.

1)Hole in the wall:

In the first game Dream came 20th while techno blade secured a 5th which gave a great lead to compare with Dream but it doesn't matter in any way there is a lot to go. This was a pure individual skill game and Technoblade came way top on this.

2)Sky Battle

This is an interesting start of MCC 11. This is another game of team strat depends on the team.
In the first battle Dream and Sapnap completed.
In the second round, they both made it to the first.
In the third round Dream, George and, Sapnap finished on top
Where Dream finished on 1st and Technoblade became 15th.
Let's move on to 3rd now.

3)Rocket Spleef

We don't know what happened to Dream but he has some serious issues that we finally heard in Geroge's stream is "POLICE OFFICERS" Dream went completely on mute and still playing he didn't even play in the first round due to some situations. He is still competing. Techno blade finished on 18th and Dream finished on 31st something bad happened took this man a little below on the table.


Dream is still muted but competing. Nothing stops Technoblade. Technoblade secured 1st and Dream on the 4th. The happy news is Dream is back. One thing to say Technoblade cruised the entire course. Great to watch.


The audience selected this game and they chose a pretty interesting now. We couldn't figure out their positions were actually didn't come on top 5.

6)Big sales at Build Mart

Techno's team came 3rd and Dream's team came on 8th. It was so intense and fun to watch. This a team game can't compare individuals

7)Parkour Warrior

This is completely individual. Dream clearly showed his dominance in the parkour game. He placed 1st. Now Technoblade got 4th place. Dream was a monster on this. This is something to watch.

8)Sands of Time

This is another team game in the competition. Dream team game on 3rd and advanced to the finals and Technoblade's team went 6th and they didn't make it to the final Witch bolt thingy.

Now comparing the Technoblade vs Dream. Dream dominantly topped on the First place on the podium then Technoblade secured 3rd in the podium it was fun to watch and surely we know Dream vs Technoblade will be intense on next MCC 12 too. By the way, obtained Fruitberries is the one who obtained the second. In the end, Dream Team and Karl won the entire MCC 12 event. Congrats to them.
Dream team won MCC 12

Let's see what happens in MCC 12.


Friday, 23 October 2020

Luke TheNotable's 2000 days of Minecraft Hardcore is almost here


Luke theNoteable
Luke TheNoteable is a YouTuber with 2.5Million+ subscribers and famous for his Surviving Minecraft Hardcore series. Luke TheNoteable's survival of 1000 days went so crazy among the Minecraft community. It's a 1 hour and 30 mins video with 32 Million+ views. It was so nice where he described a brief of what he did on the Minecraft day. The video includes him narrating 300 days to 1000 days. His narration style was so outstanding which made viewers watch it multiple times. What makes it so special? In Minecraft Hardcore you can't reset the Hardness of the game it is locked to the Hard where a single creeper explosion can kill you and once you are dead the world is deleted no more obtained back. Many players still attempting daily and most of them rage quits. Then comes this man who survived 1000 days and still going.

EDIT: He completed 2000 Days Read it here

When do the 2000 days Video is releasing?

What is your progress? When we can watch 2000 days is the most received question to Luke TheNoteable. So he made an easy way for his fans and curious viewers can track his progress without asking him each time. He made the location of this official Twitter page to the number of days he survived and now he's at 1911 days. 
Luke theNoteable Twitter
So close to 2000 days and memes started to take over Instagram and everyone is so eagerly waiting to have the fun. Even though there are Minecraft hardcore player survived around 5 years of real-life this is pretty hard. So many of the YouTuber's started streams similar to this. The voice and the way he briefs a day in perfect he retains the viewers. Watch the 1000 days video below.

All the fans are so eager to know what crazy things he did in these newer 1000 days. Near-death moments and how he survived is so crazy each time. Anyway, let's hope he won't make us wait longer to do this 2000 days. Let's wait for that.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch

Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch

Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch. It looks like he won it so easily just because of his IQ and highly polishes Speed run skills. It's obvious he tries and tests everything he watches on Reddit and every where to implement it in the Manhunt. Dream promises quality content always and he ensures it in the Manhunt too. You could've seen in the first video of Manhunt with 4 hunters video he used the Fishing rod and towering up techniques but he never used any of the previous tricks he used to meme his fellow hunters in the past. Firstly if you didn' watch this epic video click the video below and watch it.

Talking about the high IQ moments trapping the hunters on the nether was so epic they couldn't nothing but die to respawn and they never even expected that. Hunters weren't bad this time too but his high IQ and speed run skills make it easier for him. He killed hunters many times so they have to start again. He never runs out of tricks under his sleeves. There is no wonder why he gained 10 Million subscribers in 1 year. We don't want to spoil every movement he made in this content.

We will help you break down how he keeps his Manhunt series so well and well accepted among his fans

1)Never repeat something to execute the hunters

He always tries to maintain quality content which means repetition is boring. Since he has a high IQ and follows Reddit he never has to repeat something. If he used one thing in one of the videos he is just like promising his audience not to repeat that in the other videos.

2)Announcing the video earlier

He always announces hie Manhunt videos earlier like before 24 hours so everyone is notified and it just didn't pop up as a wonder. It helps him summon a great audience right at the start of the video which boost it to the Trendings so quick. He also manages to add one more Tweet just before an hour to go on the video. We wrote separate content about this read it here

3) Scheduling the video as Premier

While watching the premiere at the time scheduled no one can forward and do the spoils in the comment so none of them accidentally read the comments and get frustrated. The best thing is the viewers never know hum much time is left on the video so they can't predict anything. Anything can happen at any time. Just like a Hollywood movie.

4) Music

He always includes different music in most of the cases so that it never gets repeated and if you watched the video he added some scary music when he hides from the hunters and fun music when he wins that battle with them. Placing the right music and the right moment makes it so perfect. Which makes it so intense.

5)Reacting Video

Everyone wants to know the thoughts of the players included in the video. He always keeps a video of their discussion regarding the Manhunt video in his secondary channel. He fills it up with the fun discussion of the precious moments and, guess what people love this. He always schedules the uploading of this video just after the premier ends either this will be in trending too. So people won't accidentally watch this video and get the spoilers first. Watch the discussion video below only if you've watched the entire Manhunt video first

6) Not getting washes away with overwhelming support.

What happens to several YouTubers they come to the top so easily and loses that spot right after they achieve it. Dream, MrBeast are so exceptions so reach the top and support other peoples to be on top which maintains them on the top. So he knows how to survive on the top.

We also wrote about how Dream became so successful on YouTube. Read it here

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Monday, 19 October 2020

Dream Announces Manhunt 4 hunters rematch in 24 hours

 One of the fastest-growing Youtube channel Dream who grew from 1,000 subscribers to 10Milllion subscribers in a year. One of the main attractions is the Manhunt series. Manhunt series is just so amazing so it attracted a huge level of audience to the channel. Now dream announces Manhunt 4 hunters rematch in 24 hours in second Twitter account.

Manhunt 4 rematch tweet

Check the stats in just 1 hour it gained almost 21.1K likes which shows us how welcoming is Manhunt series among the audience and the community he grew through his YouTube channels. Almost all the manhunt has more than 20Million views which is a lot for a gaming channel. Apart from Manhunt Dream used several ways to break down the YouTube algorithm which we broke down in another article. Read it here. So it will be in around 24 hours all we can do is click that bell icon of his YouTube channel and watch it as soon as it goes up. Every time in the Manhunt dream introduces so many high IQ moments that become so viral. He also practices so many things he sees in Reddit to use in Manhunt as an advantage against the hunters. He started from one hunter to now to 4 hunters. Initially, it was GeorgeNotFound who hunted him then he added Sapnap. He wanted more challenges so he invited BadboyHalo as a hunter. Several times he lost to them too. Dream asks the fans to do 1 Million likes on the video so he ensures and confirms the video is still trending and people love. Usually after posting the video 1 Million likes is achieved within 24 hours. With all these including us, the whole community is waiting for the video.

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How I got adsense activated with less than 20 articles and started earning

Dream SMP animatics are taking over YouTube

Dream Joins MrBeast to hide $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in Dream SMP.

How I got adsense activated with less than 20 articles and started earning

I got adsense

This is our journey of getting the AdSense account activated within 2 months with 20 less than articles and started earning from the blog. Like everyone, I tried looking for several ways of earning a passive income online. I do an 8-hour job so making regular YouTube videos editing it which became a lot harder for me. So I skipped YouTube and started to look in other ways and found blogging. You might think of blogging as an old way of earning a passive income but it's not. I will start my journey here. 

So I decided to start blogging.

Finding my own content was so hard for me we initially wrote some poetic and other contents hoping some audience reach here soon but it doesn't invite anyone. So I decided to write about the YouTubers and their videos and when I had almost 10 articles published. I applied for AdSense they rejected it. The great disadvantage of getting rejected by Adsense is they never tell you what the problem is you've to figure out what's the problem. The first time applied they rejected it and said "Navigation problems". Here is what I did to solve that I went to www.woorank.com and they have a free tool we just have to go there paste our URL and they'll let us know the problems with our website. Then I fixed broken links and most of the things they said by spending 2 hours daily on this.

So Applied again.

Guess what I got rejected again after applying and waiting for 2 weeks. This was the message they gave me.
Adsense rejection on programme policies

When they said programme policies I didn't what was that. I googled it and found you need to have quality content and viewers. So for content, I made the articled count to 20. Then I set up the Google Analytics for my Website so I can monitor and gets all the reports. Then I also set up the Google search console for the Website these tools helped me on the way. Still, I lacked in viewers.

How I attracted Viewers to my Website

A YouTuber named MrBeast who has 45 Million subscribers made a challenge and announced it on Twitter. Dream SMP is a Minecraft server where the world's popular Minecraft players play together and have all their funs together. MrBeast hid a $10,000 Taco-bell gift card in the server. So all the players who have huge fan bases started to stream searching for it. So I found this almost it started and took this my opportunity to attract viewers. So I quickly wrote an article about this containing the links to the streamer's live stream and published it. Publishing it won't take your website to the top in search results if you are a small blogger like me. So I went to Google Search Console quickly where you can request to index your website so it comes in the search result.
Google Search console URL inspection

In the image above you can see, there is Request indexing which I used to let Google know about my URL, and after that google added it in the search result. Guess what I became second in the search result. Since it was a live unannounced live event no one wrote about it this and the first result was to the tweet MrBeast made(now it is in fourth or fifth). Try searching "Dream SMP 10000 taco bell MrBeast". That's it I made it attracted a lot of viewers to my website. This might be a small amount for a well-established website but this was so good for me.
View count of website

I started to have a decent amount of viewers to my website. Now I almost had 20 articles then I applied for Adsense again and waited for almost 3 weeks and BANG I got it.
Adsense approved

This how easily you can earn a passive income from blogging. 
I am posting the links to the content I wrote to attract many users.

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Friday, 16 October 2020

MrBeast is going live on Influencer Trivia Tournament with $300,000 prize is already viral

MrBeast the man who makes viral content on whatever he does is here with another viral content. Influencer Trivia Tournament the thumbnail verifies the participation of Dream, Mark Rober, Ninja, KSI, and many others. The fans are already there awaiting a live fun moment with their favorite influencers. The last time MrBeast did a live tournament was on 26th April 2020 at the beginning of pandemic lockdowns. It was a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament that had a prize of attractive $250,000 and the tournament was a grand success. A YouTuber named NadeShot won the tournament and the amount is transferred to a charity. which had 32 participants where they played Rock Paper Scissors online since it was on lockdown. Every MrBeast video comes with helping someone in some way and the last online Tournament was a fundraiser. Google partnered with MrBeast in the fundraiser that for every 1 dollar donated Google matches it to 3 dollars. At the end of the stream, MrBeast says that they've raised almost around $1,040,000. It already has 35 Million times. Set a reminder to the video here.

Fans are eagerly waiting now to see what will be the updates this time. This man getting better each time with his 45 Million subscribers ensures the program will be well entertaining and fun. Including Dream in the event attracts the whole other community to the channel. So the video will be fun and MrBeast with Chris, Chandler, and Karl are promisingly entertaining in every way. So the MrBeast crew with the smell of competition among the contestants who are influencers will be so thrilling to watch. All we can do is wait for the event and set a reminder to watch it live.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Antfrost Face reveal

We did a research and found one of the most searched queries regarding Antfrost is his face reveal. Antforst the YouTuber and Twitch streamer featured in Dream's latest Manhunt Series but nobody could see his face on the internet. Later he streamed with his face cam on. All the information we had was he's gay. He also joined in Dream SMP where he started to stream with his face cam on. Take a look at the snapshot from his live stream on twitch. Nowadays he usually live streams with his face cam on.

Antfrost face reveal
He's so handsome to watch. He will be also featuring in the Dream's upcoming Manhunt series. He also joined in the Dream SMP and had several fun moments with Technoblade, TommyInnit, and Tubbo. They even took him as hostage once. It was all fun to watch. He was also there in the 5v2 battle that happened in the Dream SMP. Where Technoblade and Dream teamed up on one side while other players like Antfrost, Skeppy, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, and Punz teamed together and lost to the 2 men sided team.
All Dream's Manhunt series fans and Dream SMP fans searched for his all around the internet. Here is your answer for the same. We also wrote an article with Antforst's YouTube channel gaining 75K + subscribers without any content read it here. Visit our home page here for all the interesting content.
We also have our YouTube channel where we include Dream SMP and other highlights for you. Check the video and channel Of a Sudden.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Manberg festival on Oct 16th is going to be so epic. Dream SMP

The Dream SMP storyline became so epic and the entire community is waiting for the Manber festival on Oct 16th. Schlatt 2020 and Swag 2020 together won the elections and made a new government. The first thing Schlatt did in his presidential speech was banning TommyInnit and Wilbursoot from L'Manberg. Wilbur soot and TommyInnit ran with their life watching Schlatt ordering and breaking L'Manberg walls. It was so painful to watch. Then Tommy and Wilbur created a new place called POGTOPIA as their base and they invited Techno blade to their side for the upcoming war with Schlatt's renamed Manberg.

Then Schlatt announced a Manberg festival so everyone can enjoy the democracy inviting all the players inside the server except for Tommy and Wilbur. Decided to make the festival a grand success on Oct 16th.

This pretty much makes Wilbur disturbed who thinks they are the bad guys here and plans to burn the entire Manberg on the festival date Oct 16th. He asked the help of Dream himself to provide him TNT s to blow up the entire Manberg. Dream clearly agreed with Wilbur to blow up the Manberg and Dream stated he doesn't need any more of Pogtopia or Manberg he wants L'Manberg back. So the Dream starting in shadows gifted the TNTs to Wilbur soot to blow up the Manberg. Take a look at the video below,

Tommy clearly disagrees with Wilbur to blow up the Manberg he refused to help Wilbur in this. Later Wilbur explains his plan to blow up the Manberg festival to Tubbo. It's on Tubbo's speech the TNTs will blow up and Wilbur also asked Tubbo to take down the flag after the explosion. Wilbur asked Tubbo to promise that he won't talk to Tommy anymore on this. 
All the fans and community is eagerly waiting for the Manberg festival to see what happens on that day. Even though they all are friends it's fun to watch how they grew up the Dream SMP server with this politics and all. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow the quick highlights of the live streams of Dream SMP player. Thanks for reading.

Read about the crazy challenge MrBeast made in Dream SMP here.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Dream SMP animatics are taking over YouTube

Dream SMP base

Dream SMP is a Minecraft server that is owned by Dream. Dream included the top tier Minecraft players to the server so they can be together and have fun on the way playing Minecraft. People loved this all top tier Minecraft players playing together having fun and high drama. Dream SMP witnessed several high instances of acts and still going on. Many YouTubers without any original content saw these fans' eyes on each stream and started YouTube channels with Clips from the stream of every player. Every channel did the same and grew up so fast just because everyone searches this on YouTube. Instead of watching the whole 6 or 7 hours stream to watch some intense moments just seems stupid. So fans started relying on these YouTube channels who post the highlights of the streams so no time is wasted. Every YouTube channel doing this just blew up instantly just because all the traffic to the videos came from the YouTube search which is the best way to attract viewers. The video below is the clip of Ninja joining the Dream SMP and attacking Dream in the TommyInnit's stream. If you like those highlights videos consider subscribing to the YouTube channel of "OF A SUDDEN".

How Dream SMP went so viral attracting many Viewers?

Initially, the server is owned by Dream who has a great fan base on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. This gave a little popularity. The whole face of the server changed when this happened. Some members like Wilbur soot, TommyInnit, Eret, Fundy, and Tubbo joined together and started a revolution. They took some land and started their own Country called L’Manberg. They wanted freedom and independent existence as a country that the Dream Team doesn't like it. Dream Team includes Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Punz. The L’Manbergians created new walls around their country which just fired Dream Team. Dream gave the people of L’Manberg an order which states a day to surrender or they will battle with L’Manberg. Dream also burned Tubbo's house to show his strength. The war was so highly intense. Dream Team actually made Eret a double agent in L’Manberg and who betrayed the entire L’Manberg so they Dream Team could win and Dream promised Eret to make him as the king of the Dream Team Kingdom. At the end of the war Dream and TommyInnit went a 1v1 duel for each side and Dream clearly won that. Now TommyInnit had negotiated with Dream and traded his most valuable disk for the freedom and Dream gave partial independence for L’Manberg. These whole series of events just went crazy and fans all around the world searching for the war details and it almost felt like a Hollywood movie. These events and every highly intense event from there downwards attracted a lot of fans following them and Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch platforms took this very well. This is how initially Dream SMP went so viral. This video shows minimalistic highlights from the L’Manberg war.

How did YouTuber's take advantage of these?

Many YouTubers took this opportunity to post the highlight videos from each player's streams on the Dream SMP which gained them many viewers and subscribers so easily which could monetize their channel in few weeks which became the motivation for the all the YouTubers to do the same. The fact here is no one never went short in views due to the huge fan base of the Dream SMP out there.

How did animatics videos take over YouTube?

The server became a very successful one and gained a huge fan base within a short time. There were many fan arts, highlight videos, explanatory videos based on the Dream SMP. Then one Animatic video was released based on the same L’Manberg war. It passed millions of views within weeks. Watch the video below.

The video was insane and epic. Mostly all the streamers and the included characters in the video appreciated the video and everyone liked it. Mostly all the players watched the dope animatic video in the live stream which gave huge exposure to the video among the fans. It made the video viral and popular. So this is where all it began. Every other YouTuber came up with some insane animatic videos which also got great attention and appreciation from the fans. Literally, none of those videos went unnoticed or with short view counts. So at this point, more people are attracted to follow the trend and show off their skill with some animatic video which ensures a good result. If you know the storyline of the incidents some of the videos might burst you into tears even though you don't care about any of them. All we can say is the videos are so good and we can introduce a couple of them to you below. There are a lot of animatic videos based on many events. We picked a couple of them which is favorite among the crowd.

This all showed the community is filled with so many talented people all around the world. Dream SMP had several other high intense moments like when MrBeast did a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card for one who finds the chest that is hidden in the Server. To read more about that challenge Click Here and here. At the end of the day the server is growing with players and so does the community and the community is taking over YouTube with Dream SMP animatics.