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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Dream SMP animatics are taking over YouTube

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Dream SMP base

Dream SMP is a Minecraft server that is owned by Dream. Dream included the top tier Minecraft players to the server so they can be together and have fun on the way playing Minecraft. People loved this all top tier Minecraft players playing together having fun and high drama. Dream SMP witnessed several high instances of acts and still going on. Many YouTubers without any original content saw these fans' eyes on each stream and started YouTube channels with Clips from the stream of every player. Every channel did the same and grew up so fast just because everyone searches this on YouTube. Instead of watching the whole 6 or 7 hours stream to watch some intense moments just seems stupid. So fans started relying on these YouTube channels who post the highlights of the streams so no time is wasted. Every YouTube channel doing this just blew up instantly just because all the traffic to the videos came from the YouTube search which is the best way to attract viewers. The video below is the clip of Ninja joining the Dream SMP and attacking Dream in the TommyInnit's stream. If you like those highlights videos consider subscribing to the YouTube channel of "OF A SUDDEN".

How Dream SMP went so viral attracting many Viewers?

Initially, the server is owned by Dream who has a great fan base on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. This gave a little popularity. The whole face of the server changed when this happened. Some members like Wilbur soot, TommyInnit, Eret, Fundy, and Tubbo joined together and started a revolution. They took some land and started their own Country called L’Manberg. They wanted freedom and independent existence as a country that the Dream Team doesn't like it. Dream Team includes Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Punz. The L’Manbergians created new walls around their country which just fired Dream Team. Dream gave the people of L’Manberg an order which states a day to surrender or they will battle with L’Manberg. Dream also burned Tubbo's house to show his strength. The war was so highly intense. Dream Team actually made Eret a double agent in L’Manberg and who betrayed the entire L’Manberg so they Dream Team could win and Dream promised Eret to make him as the king of the Dream Team Kingdom. At the end of the war Dream and TommyInnit went a 1v1 duel for each side and Dream clearly won that. Now TommyInnit had negotiated with Dream and traded his most valuable disk for the freedom and Dream gave partial independence for L’Manberg. These whole series of events just went crazy and fans all around the world searching for the war details and it almost felt like a Hollywood movie. These events and every highly intense event from there downwards attracted a lot of fans following them and Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch platforms took this very well. This is how initially Dream SMP went so viral. This video shows minimalistic highlights from the L’Manberg war.

How did YouTuber's take advantage of these?

Many YouTubers took this opportunity to post the highlight videos from each player's streams on the Dream SMP which gained them many viewers and subscribers so easily which could monetize their channel in few weeks which became the motivation for the all the YouTubers to do the same. The fact here is no one never went short in views due to the huge fan base of the Dream SMP out there.

How did animatics videos take over YouTube?

The server became a very successful one and gained a huge fan base within a short time. There were many fan arts, highlight videos, explanatory videos based on the Dream SMP. Then one Animatic video was released based on the same L’Manberg war. It passed millions of views within weeks. Watch the video below.

The video was insane and epic. Mostly all the streamers and the included characters in the video appreciated the video and everyone liked it. Mostly all the players watched the dope animatic video in the live stream which gave huge exposure to the video among the fans. It made the video viral and popular. So this is where all it began. Every other YouTuber came up with some insane animatic videos which also got great attention and appreciation from the fans. Literally, none of those videos went unnoticed or with short view counts. So at this point, more people are attracted to follow the trend and show off their skill with some animatic video which ensures a good result. If you know the storyline of the incidents some of the videos might burst you into tears even though you don't care about any of them. All we can say is the videos are so good and we can introduce a couple of them to you below. There are a lot of animatic videos based on many events. We picked a couple of them which is favorite among the crowd.

This all showed the community is filled with so many talented people all around the world. Dream SMP had several other high intense moments like when MrBeast did a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card for one who finds the chest that is hidden in the Server. To read more about that challenge Click Here and here. At the end of the day the server is growing with players and so does the community and the community is taking over YouTube with Dream SMP animatics.


Tuesday, 29 September 2020

TheEret won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card that in the Dream SMP MrBeast Challenge

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Eret won the $10,000 taco bell challenge from MrBeast in Dream SMP

After hours of searching by several players in the Dream SMP. TheEret has found and won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card from the entire server. MrBeast posted joined along with Dream and hid a chest with a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in a chest and posted an image of the same on Twitter. Mostly all of the players ran everywhere. Even though the server reset made a little disturbing, Dream made it back so easily. it was so intense and everyone searched it so well. Every player who was searching made live streams which makes it even harder to find it. fans always believed he could find that always helped him in finding them with tips and suggestions. All Dream said was there is some information in the image and it is inside the 75K,75K range of blocks. This was the image posted by MrBeast on Twitter.

MrBeast hiding the chest with $10,000 Taco bell gift card
The event went like 4 hours+ where MrBeast Tweeted again 
MrBeast tweeting on $10,000 challenge

 As a response Dream tweeted 
Dream tweeting on $10,000 challenge

It doesn't provide much help to the streamers.

Even though everyone played well and TheEret won the challenge. It's insane like you have to never pay more food again in your entire life. Everyone constantly checked the MrBeast profiles to check for any other breakthrough. This was so intense and fans were looking at multiple screens to witness whoever wins it first. There were some lags in the server which never stopped TheEret. Whenever MrBeast and Dream do collabs its crazy, intense, and people love these contents. Dream SMP videos always kept on trending in Twitch and YouTube platforms. To check who all participated read here. In the image, it was looking like the image is from a Swamp biome. Once again thanks to MrBeast for such an intense event from our Minecraft heroes.

After a few more hours MrBeast changed his twitter name to this since he wanted it to get it solved today itself.
MrBeast changing his twitter name

Everybody actually raced to coordinates but Eret reached there first and found the book and got a call from the MrBeast and he was streaming. Dream actually passed  TheEret's number to MrBeast and promised he will give the gift card in the call. Everyone was there to appreciate the effort of this man and Fundy raided him so he can celebrate with more viewers. Its more than 3 hours Eret has streamed to earn the infinite food from the Taco Bell and he said MrBeast he is not a great fan of Taco Bell though. TheEret may feature in a video of MrBeast Gaming channel so he might get more exposure and a good career ahead. There were a lot of appreciable efforts like Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound who almost streamed more than 4 hours for this. We are all proud of Eret and his fans winning the hard challenge.

The craziest and funny thing is BadBoyHalo promised to build a statue for Eret in the memory of this legendary win which took hours.

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Dream Joins MrBeast to hide $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in Dream SMP.

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Dream joins MrBeast to hide a $10,000 Taco Bell in the Server. Whoever finds it first from the server wins the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card. Most of the Dream SMP players are there to search for it. Dream provided a screenshot to the players and the players have to figure out where it is and have to find out and win their $10,000 worth price, sounds like a MrBeast challenge. Dream initially gave a clue like it's inside the limit of 75K,75K blocks. MrBeast just posted an image MrBeast hiding chest in the tree. 

TheEret won the challenge read it here.

MrBeast hiding $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in Dream SMP

Here are the live stream links of the streamers(After the event is over this will be turned to video links).

Tubbo  -  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755619213

Sapnap - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755625567

GeorgeNotFound - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755632872

Punz - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755627231

DropsByPonk - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755618193

Fundy - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755662571?filter=archives&sort=time

Technoblade - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6vpfHmSeZI

burpled - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755658368

We found out that TommyInnit is in the middle of completing the video and Not competing right now and Wilbur Soot, Fundy was not live initially but started to stream now. I might have missed someone. Dream gave a clue and stated that there are enough hints in the image. So they can recreate and resolve to the Taco Bell gift card mystery. All the players are searching for it in live streams and still don't know whom to keep eye on. Damn it. It's truly entertaining. It is always fun to watch a Dream MrBeast Collab. Don't miss the chance friends. This is how we are trying to follow. Hint for the viewers who try to watch everyone Sapnap and George are connected so you can skip one.

It's been 4 hours+ that streamers are searching MrBeast came up with a Tweet.
Dream Joins MrBeast to hide $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in Dream SMP.
As a response Dream tweeted this.
Dream Tweet on the challenge.

And after few more hours MrBeast changed his twitter name to MrBeast 6969420. That's everyone rushed to the location but TheEret was the first one to reach there and win the $10,000 Taco bell prize.
Read more here.

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Sunday, 27 September 2020

Technoblade beats dream again in MCC 10

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Dream vs Technoblade. An MCC 10 evaluation

The rivalry between Dream and Technoblade is always fun to watch. Even though Technoblade won the 1v1 duel among them. Their rivalry always shined to top. Technoblade was behind Dream in few MCC events in the past which Dream has celebrated so much by making trolls on Twitter and YouTube Community posts. Did the 1v1 duel curse is still staying with Dream? After the duel, he didn't win over Technoblade in the overall MCC individual performances. MCC 9 and MCC 10 Dream came behind Technoblade while in MCC 9 Dream didn't even feature in the top 10 of individual performances.

The $1,00,000 1v1 Duel did give Technoblade a great boost in confidence. His fans are happy and he is so proud of himself. He also trains too much nowadays for the upcoming MCC events. This became a prestige issue between Dream and Technoblade. We can see in their stream sometimes they even compare themself but not to the player who earned first in the event. Meanwhile, these 2 are the greatest ever Minecraft players in the world. They always keep consistency in the MCC events to be on the top 10. To be fair on the topic Technoblade did improve a lot on his parkour skills. You can clearly see that in the MCC 10. Where Dream even followed Technoblade to be second in a competition.

Whatever be the sport or game there will be always 2 players who will compete be the top. Like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The Minecraft fans have Dream and Technoblade. We wish to see more fights, competition, parkours, and more rivalry between them.

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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Dream donates MCC coins to Cancer research

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Dream MCC 10 coins count

Dream promised to donate his MC Championship coins equivalent dollars to Cancer research. Dream is an active participant in the MCCs. Last time in MCC 9 he couldn't even make it top 10 due to some unlucky incidents but before the beginning of the MCC 10 dream promised to donate to Cancer research. The amount will be equal to the coins he earns in the MCC 10. Dream earned 3405 coins in the championship. So he will be donating $3,405 to Cancer research. Such a great mind from the greatest Minecraft. Check out the video below. 

Dream and his team came 3rd on the championship and dream gaining also a 3rd place in the individual performances. This time Dream appeared to be more cautious and rectifying the mistakes that happened in the previous event. He managed to complete the Parkour course as first and there were several clutch moments from the man himself. Once again he displayed his character and becoming a role model to all the Minecraft YouTubers by donating such a good figure to cancer research. Everyone in his team appreciated his effort to donate and become an example to many upcoming donations.

His individual performance was just amazing which made him more coins which lead to more donations. He is always such a nice guy who never forgets the path that he came from. Back in 17th November 2019. Dream just gave away so much amount of money valued gift cards to his friends like GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo. He gave a $5,000 gift card to GeorgeNotFound. He always gives a shout-out to his friends asks his fans to visit his friend's stream subscribe to their YouTube channel. He never even copyright claims people who make highlight videos from his stream. At the end of the day, he makes 200 IQ moments but also makes a lot of people happy by making awesome content to make more fans and make their life better.

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JackSucksAtLife owns 7 YouTube channels with 194K+ subscribers on each

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JackSucksAtLife, that's the name of his main YouTube channel. He owns 7 YouTube channels himself. As his name indicates he never sucks at subscribers count. All his 7 YouTube channel has the silver play button. That makes him the owner of 7 silver play buttons and the main channel has 1.43 Million+ subscribers which makes him the owner of the gold play button too. Whatever JackSucksAtLife touches turn into subscribers we will list out his channels and subscribers count at the time I write this piece of content. Warning, the name of some channels really sucks. LOL.

JackSucksAtLife's all YouTube channel sub count

1. JackSucksAtLife - 1.43 Million+ 

2. JackSucksAtStuff - 4,64,000 +

3. Jack Massey Welsh - 2,90,000 +

4. JackSucksAtGeography - 1,99,000 +

5. JacksEpicYoutubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX - 1,94,000+

6. turd boi420 - 237,000 + 

7. Don't Subscribe - 480,000 +

JackSucksAtLife now has around 3.1 Million + subscribers on aggregate across all his 7 channels. He posts different videos in different channels. He also applied for the record of  Individual with most YouTube play buttons. Just take look at the wall of this man.

Wall of JackSucksAtLife with YouTube playbuttons

He even got some of his play buttons in different ways. Check out his video for more information. You may think, on which channel the videos are supposed to be?. Just for fun try to find it out and let us know in the comments. People struggle for making content, subscribers, and watch hours but these all are piece of cake for JackSucksAtLife. Watch this guy and you'll come to the summary this guy makes the laziest content in YouTube and gains all the viewers around. It was fun to study his channels and we will let you know more about him in the upcoming articles.

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Technoblade face reveal


Technoblade one of the greatest Minecraft YouTubers in the history of Minecraft. Technoblade the 4 times champion of Minecraft Monday and he has registered a 1,400+ winning streak on bed wars. Recently Technoblade beat Dream 6 to 4 in a 1v1 Duel which made him the PvP god in the entire universe. Streamers nowadays add a live face cam in their streams for the fans to see their reactions and expressions on certain occasions and fans love this. The greatest Minecraft players like Technoblade and Dream didn't like to use this feature to show off their faces during their streams or YouTube videos. Fans and viewers of him are so familiar to his deep voice than his face.

Technoblade face reveal after the steering wheel challenge

Did Technoblade reveal his face already?

The answer is yes. It was almost 3 years ago he just gave a glance at his face for his fans in the stream after he attempted the craziest challenge in Minecraft, beating Minecraft with a steering wheel. His face may have changed a lot and maybe he's more handsome nowadays. Nobody knows. Here's the video in which he reveals his face.

Unlike other streamers even though Technoblade has 2.64+ Million subscribers he refuses to show his in all the streams and all. Which may not be comfortable for him or maybe he is the one who doesn't like public attention. Anyways we Technoblade fans would like to see his handsome face more often.

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Mark Rober claimed back his Elephant tooth paste Guinnes world record

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Mark Rober's Devils Toothpaste world record experiment

Mark Rober the ex-NASA guy did many crazy science engineering experiments on YouTube which created him more than 14 Million subscribers. He does crazy stuff like building a NINJA course for squirrels, filling a pool with Orbeez, drop a car from 45m height to a custom build trampoline himself. In all these crazy experiments what makes Mark Rober interesting is he shows us how he built these and what's the science behind the work. In short, he always does engineering stuff with scientific explanations which make the channel pretty entertaining as well as knowledgable.

Now into the battle of records. On 30th Aug 2019 he and a fellow YouTuber Science Bob made a Guinness world record on Elephant toothpaste aka slime foam on largest volume. They filled a pool with the Elephant toothpaste and set the world record. Check out the video below.

The record didn't last long on 19th December 2019 a YouTuber named Nick Uhas did an experiment and broke the Mark Rober's record. Nick Uhas has filled an entire backyard of a house with the same. He used a different catalyst for the reaction which gave him greater results than the previous record holder. Which went insanely viral. Check out that video below.

This was amazingly insane and so satisfying to watch. But the battle just keeps ongoing. On 21 May 2020, another YouTube channel Manual do Mundo claimed this record into their names by doing this experiment in an open stadium with their fans. Check out their attempt video below.
Here comes Mark Rober again, He needs to reclaim this in style. He made this as a birthday party to a boy named Fletcher Rollinson, who fought against a fast-growing brain tumor in past years. Mark Rober himself displayed the good character here by spending a complete day with the boy and his family throwing a great surprise birthday party for him. He also included Fletcher Rollinson's name to the newly done  Guinness world record. Usually, he shows us all the scientific reasons and the materials he used to build everything but this time he doesn't tell us the ingredients he used. Not because he is scared of his record getting broken but it is an extremely dangerous and high risk to do. This time they stopped calling it Elephant Toothpaste and called it Devil's Toothpaste. Even though there happened an unexpected impact on the container where the experiment is done Mark Rober and Fletcher Rollinson managed to break the record by double the value in volume and in height. This was amazing and we thought this is not getting a break soon but here comes the surprise. At the end of the video, Mark Rober gets a call from the craziest YouTuber ever existed MrBeast, and asking about the experiment. We all hope that they are gonna do another experiment covering all the faults in the past and will create an amazing unbreakable record. Check out the video below.

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Monday, 21 September 2020

In the new Mr Beast challenge the one must give away 40 cars to get the prize

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 MrBeast usually celebrates his milestones in the subscriber counts in several weird ways. This time he took 40 cars to the house of his 40 millionth subscriber. The rule is he has to give away these 40 cars in 24 hours to win a MrBeast 40 million special modified Tesla. MrBeast states that when he hit the milestone of subscribers he takes the list of new subscribers then refreshes it and selects the top one. Luke was the one who got the lucky lot this time. Initially, they parked all the cars in the ground near Luke's house with 9 of them covered in surprise. 

MrBeast's challenge for 40 millionth subscriber

Luke claims to be a good salesman and completed the mission leaving 5 hours on the clock. Luke gifted cars to his parents, brothers, grandparents, uncle, aunt, and to his bunch of his friends. He even gifted a car to a random guy in a wall-mart, in a drive-through and then they even gave a car to a man who was just passing by in another car. Sounds crazy right, but this is normal for MrBeast fans out there. Luke has gifted almost his all friends. The hardest part might be there is convincing. Nobody is gonna believe when someone says I have a free car for you, come and grab it. Anyways, luke gave away all the 40 cars including some cool ones like sponge bob designed car and many other cars.

MrBeast surprised including $5000 in two cars since the car was not good enough as the rest of the other cars. They even pushed out 2 vehicles since it was not in a running condition. There is a challenge behind the covered cars, the one who selects the car has to choose it without lifting the cover. Once it is chosen they can't change it back. The last car was again a surprise for Karl one of the members of his crew. It was his car that MrBeast gave away. At the end of the day, Luke gave away 40 cars to get the Tesla for him. Congrats Luke and MrBeast for reaching 40 Million subscribers (He's already 43 Million+). Watch the video below.

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Sunday, 20 September 2020

The channel Safari TV operates without any single piece of ad since 2013

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Safari Exploring channel logo


Safari Channel even made a live stream online without any ads. You may wonder how the channel is paying the satellite expenses and getting the revenue for the wages of the staff, rents, and whatever expense you can imagine on running a Television channel. Initially, we would introduce to you, Who is behind this channel? Where is it located? What is their goal behind this Channel? How do they operate without any advertisements?

Who is the brain behind this channel?

Santhosh George Kulangara is the man behind this entire channel. Santhosh George Kulangara is a global explorer who went to all the 7 continents available on the Earth to make it further he even booked a seat on a space travel opportunity from the Virgin Company. He, himself can be considered as an explorer with a high vision. He started his Journeys from his younger age itself and he always wanted to share his journey experiences to the public via a visual travelogue. He started a television Series "Sancharam" in the local language Malayalam which attracted millions of viewers and he was the first to do it in INDIA. That was the start and the legend says this guy still keeps on making miracles happen. This is just a brief introduction to the legendary Santhosh George Kulangara.
Santhosh George Kulangara the man behind the Safari TV

Where the channel is located?

The channel is located in the Kottayam District in God's own country Kerala in India. They are here for the last 7+ counting years and still making the whole INDIA proud.

What is their goal behind this channel?

This man had only one dream to travel and make others dream to travel to learn the world, culture, and so on. The channel is mainly focused on visual travelogues and informative content. They could've shown ads to make millions from their viewers but they want to clearly state that Money is never their motive behind this channel. They just wanted people to be informative and give something useful to them at each moment. This channel was a dream come true for the explorer himself.

How do they operate without any advertisements?

It's always a question of how do they pay the rents of the satellite broadcasters which is a huge amount and other expenses without any sponsors. This man has made several video travelogues covering most of the cities, historic places, and all other kinds of places you could possibly imagine. He made this video footages exclusive which are not shown among the video footages he used to show in his channel, YouTube channel, or anywhere. This is made exclusive and sells in the form Pendrives and CD s for the needed ones. Customers like who want to learn about different cities in deep, Architectural students learning in different Universities who want to learn the architecture of the historical places, and obviously his fans and one who loves traveling also purchase such exclusive footages. From this income, he broadcasts his channel all around the world for free without any advertisements. Of course, this man has a YouTube channel named Safari with 1 Million+ subscribers and other businesses that we are not into. All the efforts of the Safari channel didn't go down people welcomed the channel with their hearts open.

As this man travels around 100+ countries around the world he also inspires people to travel around the world. The message from his life is Dream to Travel, Travel to Dream, and also inspire the world to travel and explore.

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Friday, 18 September 2020

Why Indian parents should promote their children having YouTube and Gaming careers


                     It's time for Indian parents to rethink from the Doctor or Engineer career trend for their children to what they need. We all know how cool will be the reaction when we say "Dad/Mom I want to be a YouTuber / Gamer". 95% of the Indian parents won't like that and of course the kids will be pulled down to their books. That really sucks. We recommend the parents nowadays need to change and let them chose or have their careers. If your kid wants to be a gamer at a younger age give a better machine and gears to be a better gamer. Let him train, practice, stream, and have a fan base and earn money in his own way. Here is our question to the Parents. There is an option for your kid to be a Software engineer and code the 8 droughtful hours even if he loves it or not and here is another option to make your kid play the video games or stream for 8 hours and earn the same or more than the coding one. He's better in life on doing what he loves. Literally the same right?

Indians parents should promote on gaming and YouTube careers.

                     Gamers and YouTubers earn a lot of money nowadays more than most of the other careers. We can plot it below for you.

  • Ad revenue from YouTube.
  • Stream donations from their fans on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.
  • Sponsored videos and sponsored streams.
  • They can win tournaments (Million dollar tournaments are taking place all over the world).
  • Collab with gear companies and do sales.
  • They can also earn all the ways the celebrities earn.

              Streamers these days earn thousands of dollars each day. Just turn on twitch and watch some stream and look at how much they earn each day. Let them do what they love, have a good career. Do what you can do is get them what you need, train them at the younger age itself.

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Thursday, 17 September 2020


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we are enough for ourselves!


because nobody knows you more than yourselves!

we all are born and brought up by our parents or guardians.

until a certain age they will be our guide.

they will lead us to a point where we have to continue alone.

there will be everyone around us but we will be alone,

we should care for ourselves, we should comfort ourselves, we should control ourselves

we will be confused and sometimes depressed.

we will have many kinds of stuff going around our heart, but cannot open it up to anyone!

uff #$%😫

sometimes we feel like exploding!

what is the use?

nobody is gonna turn back ur clock, you won't be that dependant kid anymore😊

move on.......

you will be alright because you have 'you'

if you don't believe in 'you', who is gonna believe you?

talk to yourselves, motivate yourselves, and move on.

be strong and brave.

train yourself to withstand any tsunami💥

never wait for anyone for anything because nobody on this earth will be there with you all the time except the almighty

be good to yourself 

love yourself

be yourself


Shroud released his new gaming gears with LOGITECH

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Shroud's collab with Logitech for the new gaming gears

                 Shroud the ultimate god in Battle Royale games who was the number one streamer on Twitch. Shroud himself can be considered as the number one battle royale gamer who has the precision and aim even the top gamers admire. He released his new gaming gears partnering with LOGITECH.  Millions of people follow Shroud on YouTube and Twitch which will make a great push of the product among the Gamers and his fans. On every product, they added his name and his new logo which is pretty attractive and gorgeous to watch with killer black edition. He even did a live unboxing of his new products for his fans on Twitch and uploaded the video to YouTube. 

                   He even answered the most asked question by his fans. "Shroud why did you changed your logo?". Shroud also answered the question in the same video. Shroud stated that his old logo was not looking great on the gears, but the new logo is just perfect on the products. He unboxed a very minimalistic Mouse pad and yeah with his logo on it. He also unboxed a wireless mouse, keyboard, and a wireless headset on a live stream with his fans, With Shroud's fan base and with the killer looks of the products we can guess that it will hit the market Great. Shroud also uploaded the promo video on YouTube. As he never missed his opponents or target the product has the Title word "NEVER MISS".

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

What happened to Airrack who challenged Chandler for his Island that he won from MrBeast challenge

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AirRack has challenged Chandler for his Island

 The Youtuber Airrack has made an open challenge to one of the MrBeast crew Chandler. What happened next is crazy. This man with his team spent some time on the island that won by Chandler from the MrBeast challenge and at the end of the video he says he checked Chandler's Instagram and found Chandler is good in 3 things Basket Ball, Base Ball, and Video games. The one who watches the MrBeast videos know that Chandler is good for nothing. LOL! just kidding. He just won a $7,00,000 island from the challenge that had 10 participants. Actually, he's great and a fan favorite.

He made people comment "Accept Airrack's Challenge!!" in the island video. What happened next might sound funny or crazy. MrBeast followed this guy and asked his phone number to contact him. He called Airrack and talked with him. In the phone call MrBeast clearly states that Chandler sold that island after he won it and the island no more belongs to Chandler anymore, he sold it back. So the challenge was dropped and he made a video with this in the channel. MrBeast also encouraged Airrack to move on with the channel which has good content and will be soon hitting 10 Million according to MrBeast. We didn't assume any of these watch the video below.

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This YouTube Channel Don't Subscribe has 450K+ subscribers without any content

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Don't subscribe channel having 450K+ subscribers without any conten

                This YouTube channel Don't Subscribe has 450K+ subscribers and without any piece of content in that. Yeah, I love to write articles on No content Youtube channels. You might freak out a logo and an image saying some message gets this many subscribers. How the Hell!! 

What if I tell you this a challenge by 2 YouTubers and one pay the other on subscriber count. You read it right. MrBeast the one who does crazy challenges and giveaways. He literally makes some people's life happy in real life and others by adding new videos to his crazy video collections. Then there is another YouTuber named JackSucksAtLife who took the deal from the MrBeast himself. JackSucksAtLife, the name doesn't match the real life of the YouTuber. He has a bunch of YouTube channels and most of them have crazy names as the former and did have play buttons for most of them. He even applied for the record of Individual YouTuber having the most number of Play Buttons.

Here's the deal between the two. MrBeast will give 10 cents for every subscriber this channel gets. To make easier math JackSucksAtLife will get a $100 for every 1000 subscribers. Jack made a video about it and boom. People took it well now the channel has 450K+subscribers. JackSucksAtLife will have a $45,000+ in his pocket by just posting this video. Yeah, literally he made the deal worthy.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Antfrost has 75K subscribers on YouTube without any content. Who is Antfrost?

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Antfrost featured in Dream's 4 man Manhunt First version where he started a channel and hasn't uploaded a video yet. The dream fans started following him without any reason.
                You might wonder how this gained 75K subscribers without any post or without any video posted. We'll shock you how. He just featured in one YouTube video that's it. He did his face reveal read it here.

How Antfrost gained 75K subscribers without any content?

                        Antfrost who had featured in a video and who's channel link was in the description of that video. That's all he did. Now, he had the perk of being a friend of a fast-growing and popular YouTuber Dream. Antfrost has featured in Dream's 4 man manhunt video which just blew up like the other videos of the manhunt series. Antfrost was the newly introduced fourth hunter to stop Dream. Dream provided the link to Antfrost's channel in his description and said it in the video too. That was enough for the fans to follow him and love him. It is a great lesson for other small YouTubers that try to feature in videos of the popular and fast-growing YouTube channels. Anyway, Antfrost is going to pass 100k so easily by the release of the next Manhunt which many YouTubers hardly achieve. My question here is, will he get a Silver play button without any content other than a logo and banner?

Here's the video which took his channel to the next level.

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Mr. Beast did 1 Million subscribers challenge. It went more than promised.

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Zealous wins the Mr Beast Challenge by competing last one to take off hand from the diamond play button wins

               Mr. Beast one of the best and fast-growing YouTube content creators. Mr. Beast usually does crazy challenges and giving away millions of dollars. This man did give away private island and a million dollars in his other challenges. 

What did Mr.Beast give away this time winner of his Challenge?

                He did give away 1 million subscribers to a YouTuber. He chose 4 Youtubers who are below 100K subscribers to compete in a challenge of last to take the hand of the diamond play button gets 1 million subscribers. Zealous who won the challenge who was below 100K subscriber is now at 1.76M subscribers (wrote on 08-Sep-2020) and soon will be passing 2 Million subscribers. Mr. Beast fans did show loyalty to him and gave all their support to Zealous, who made a huge painting where Mr. Beast giving him Gold Play Button in his home. Mr. Beast gave away millions of dollars and crazy kinds of stuff in challenges and as in charity. He manages to amaze people by the unique content as always. Fans are eager to see what might be the next give away he could possibly make. if he goes at this rate we could see he give away plots in the moon. Watch the challenge here.

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Monday, 7 September 2020

How Dream became so Successful on YouTube



Dream is one of the Fastest Growing and popular Minecraft YouTuber

         For those who don't know Dream. Dream is a Minecraft player and a YouTube content creator who has never revealed his face and one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

Dream's YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing YouTube channel with great quality content
                This pixelated smiley face guy has taken the Minecraft YouTube popularity to next level. His ManHunt series is the most fan attracted content of his channel. If you observe this guy how he made this success. I would say this guy did great research, created new plans, and executed them perfectly.

What were Dream's best-executed plans?

        Before saying anything I'm a huge fan of Dream his skills are amazing. Let's go.


                    The first thing I could say Dream and his friends mainly GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap created a keyword and made that to trending among the content Creators and it spells " Minecraft, But ". Dream and his friends did so many intense, fun, and impossible challenges together which attracted so many viewers and content creators to copy this keyword. They did many things together a few of them are plotted below.
There are so many videos like this that attracted many million views and likes to Dream's and his friends' YouTube channels.

Dream's keyword Minecraft But, really blewed up the YouTube. He and his friends did so many impossible challenges

Intro of YouTube Statistics

        As unique he did everything and made trending in each part. He also managed to create a new intro that did inspire many content creators to do the same.
Dream's YouTube statistics talk also did responded well among the YouTube content creators.

        He did show the YouTube statistics and show the viewers and he says "only a percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed so subscribe it's free. You can always change your mind". This was also copied by many content creators on YouTube.

Placement of Music

        The music he chose to play in his videos is very well placed and is so intense will make us feel we are playing some kinda WebSeries or something. His music placements in the ManHunt Series is so perfect that even YouTube creators themselves agree with itself as Minecraft Action Movie.

His Skills.

            The Dream is considered as the Best Minecraft player in the entire world his skills in Parkour, Building, Speedrunning, and PVP are just amazing. He made three Minecraft Speed run world records himself and the videos are in his channel. He just amazes everyone in his parkour skills in MC Championships everything. There was always a controversy like who is the PVP player. Is it Dream or Technoblade. Even though Technoblade succeeded in beating Dream on a score of 6 to 4 in 10 games. This man showed complete respect and agrees it was Technoblade's day. Minecraft is just isn't PVP so we can still consider Dream as the best Minecraft player in the world.

The Perfect ManHunt series

            Dream and his team did several Manhunt Series where he has to kill the Ender Dragon before his teammates kill him once who can die any number of times. Might seems impossible but not for this guy his skills and High IQ always take this to the next level. He completed 2 Hunters,3 Hunters and now he is doing 4 Hunters to compete with him completing the game.

Dream 's manhunt series is always intense and fun to watch. He's now competing with 4 hunters

                  This is so intense and this man uses his great reflexes and high IQ to escape from them and win against them in several situations. This man will do promise to do his next ManHunt video if he gets 1 Million likes on his video which is pretty hard to get but gets in day 1 day and a few hours usually. With that in mind, you can guess how intense it is. Most of the fans state this is better than any series on Netflix and should be streamed on there too. Can't blame them, you sit on extreme curiosity about what happens next at each and every moment in 45 mins long video. I promise you Manhunt videos never ever make you regret watching such a lengthy video.

Letting live the Parasites

                There are a lot of YouTube channels like Dream's Mom, Dream's Dad, and several other channels with such funny names. These channels posts videos and highlights from his videos or show some streams entirely on their channel. Dream always finds and says They will help him attain more fame and more traffic to his channels. Usually, everybody copyright claims these videos but Dream doesn't. He once made it clear that he is ok if people do some edits or show his video as highlights with some editing, all he said which he would block contents which just copy and paste his entire streams without any edits. There are some stream videos where he advises his friends not to do claim on those channels it will only benefit them more even they are making money like free without any self contents.

These are the few of my findings on how Dream did make this to this level in such a shorter time. He also features in friends videos every time and always gives credit to them every time. 

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Saturday, 5 September 2020


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The sky is something that follows us even our shadow leaves us!. Can you imagine 'a world without a sky'?. It would be like' a man without a heart'.

 There are many faces for the sky, each face has its own story.

Sometimes the sky seems 'clear & bright', sometimes it seems 'moody &dull', sometimes it seems 'heavy and furious'; the faces go on.

Sky teaches us many things. It spread light around us making each one of us energetic. It shed its light whenever we need rest. It gives us water for our survival. It sometimes threatens us just to make us remember that 'after every peal of thunder a clear sky awaits'.

Whenever your heart is heavy and is about to shatter into millions of pieces just lookupThere is a vast sky just smiling for you!. Our heart may weigh a thousand tones but there is a sky waiting for you. Just leave your stuff there, because we don't have enough capacity to carry that much!. We can say whatever we wish whenever we needed with no fear because it is all a secret between us!

Close your eyes, then open it and look up, again close your eyes, then open it and look up, it is there for you always.

Sky teaches us that after every ending there is a beginning!. Sun come and go daily. That is how we live daily. But never forget to shine because the sun never forgets to shine!

sky teaches us that life is all about a second chance. The day might seem dark and cloudy but the night will be the best ever. Stars twinkle on those days than ever!

Don't forget to shine every time; because the sky never fails to shine. On the day it shines because of the sun, at night it shines because of stars and the moon.


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This is how I passed Fiverr English Test without any knowledge

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This is the Fiverr logo. You can visit them easily just google search Fiverr

            Passing the English test is mandatory Freelance content writers and an advantage for getting a great number of clients. Initially, regarding the test. This is an easy test for anyone with a basic knowledge use this trick only if you are lazy enough to think the basics or you've zero knowledge to pass the test. Anyway Fiverr is a great platform any freelance contents. Make a visit to our gig here. The exam is 40 minutes with 40 questions and you have to obtain a minimum of score 7 to win the test which is pretty easy with this trick

Straight into the point.

          Fiverr conducts the exam in a separate window in the browser where you can't navigate to other pages. So we recommend you to keep your internet-connected smartphone device with you. Now you have to install an app BRAINLY from either your Play Store(Android) or from the App Store(iOS). Create your account and keep your app ready with a search option. Now, start the test and you have to search the question in the BRAINLY app with the same question. 90% of the same questions are available in BRAINLY with everything is an exact copy. You can find the exact same question while typing in the search of the app. Now the only thing to note is to be wise while you select the answer. There may be answers wrong so you have to choose the answer that is most rated one. 
This is the logo of Brainly. Download the app for you iOS or Android or visit their web version.

            You may think this will be tough enough to do everything trust me if you have an average typing speed you can complete and pass the test with 10 minutes remaining on the clock. If this finds helpful feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Friday, 4 September 2020


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               Patience is
 not just a word.
               It is a carton filled with infinite emotions.
This is the image from ofasudden.com artists to show of the hapiness and heartbreaks and to demonstrate the need to be patientLife is a journey from almighty to almighty; a journey with countless 
tests over tests.
From the moment we start living on this earth, we actually started the battle; 'the battle of existence'.
In this limited time of our existence, we may go through many ups and downs.
Sometimes we feel happy.
We will be at the peak of cheerfulness.
We will be in high energy and radiate it to others.
Sometimes we feel sad.
We will be at the lowest point of gloom.
We might feel that nothing is going to be ok and saps our energy.
Sometimes we feel angry.
We feel like exploding
We throw storm on others
We hurt ourself thinking that everything is over

But wait!
You have something within yourself which can be your weapon in all your tests.
It is nothing but patience.
Patience is simply beautiful; it has the capacity to withstand any hurricanes just with a smile. Isn't it beautiful?

When happiness hits you, you should be patient.
you should be happy with whatever you have and never ask more.
Be happy with whatever almighty is provided because he knows what you need than what you want!

When sadness hits you, you should be patient.
you should be patient until the storm gets over.
Every delay has its blessing, never lose your hope on anything 
because you get everything right at the right time!

When anger hits you, you should be patient.
Never use harsh words on anyone because that might be the last word you may utter to him or her.
Silence is always the best shield, anger just harms others but silence makes others fail!

almighty never burden a soul than it can bear, that is the beauty of patience