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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Dream SMP animatics are taking over YouTube

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Dream SMP base

Dream SMP is a Minecraft server that is owned by Dream. Dream included the top tier Minecraft players to the server so they can be together and have fun on the way playing Minecraft. People loved this all top tier Minecraft players playing together having fun and high drama. Dream SMP witnessed several high instances of acts and still going on. Many YouTubers without any original content saw these fans' eyes on each stream and started YouTube channels with Clips from the stream of every player. Every channel did the same and grew up so fast just because everyone searches this on YouTube. Instead of watching the whole 6 or 7 hours stream to watch some intense moments just seems stupid. So fans started relying on these YouTube channels who post the highlights of the streams so no time is wasted. Every YouTube channel doing this just blew up instantly just because all the traffic to the videos came from the YouTube search which is the best way to attract viewers. The video below is the clip of Ninja joining the Dream SMP and attacking Dream in the TommyInnit's stream. If you like those highlights videos consider subscribing to the YouTube channel of "OF A SUDDEN".

How Dream SMP went so viral attracting many Viewers?

Initially, the server is owned by Dream who has a great fan base on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. This gave a little popularity. The whole face of the server changed when this happened. Some members like Wilbur soot, TommyInnit, Eret, Fundy, and Tubbo joined together and started a revolution. They took some land and started their own Country called L’Manberg. They wanted freedom and independent existence as a country that the Dream Team doesn't like it. Dream Team includes Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Punz. The L’Manbergians created new walls around their country which just fired Dream Team. Dream gave the people of L’Manberg an order which states a day to surrender or they will battle with L’Manberg. Dream also burned Tubbo's house to show his strength. The war was so highly intense. Dream Team actually made Eret a double agent in L’Manberg and who betrayed the entire L’Manberg so they Dream Team could win and Dream promised Eret to make him as the king of the Dream Team Kingdom. At the end of the war Dream and TommyInnit went a 1v1 duel for each side and Dream clearly won that. Now TommyInnit had negotiated with Dream and traded his most valuable disk for the freedom and Dream gave partial independence for L’Manberg. These whole series of events just went crazy and fans all around the world searching for the war details and it almost felt like a Hollywood movie. These events and every highly intense event from there downwards attracted a lot of fans following them and Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch platforms took this very well. This is how initially Dream SMP went so viral. This video shows minimalistic highlights from the L’Manberg war.

How did YouTuber's take advantage of these?

Many YouTubers took this opportunity to post the highlight videos from each player's streams on the Dream SMP which gained them many viewers and subscribers so easily which could monetize their channel in few weeks which became the motivation for the all the YouTubers to do the same. The fact here is no one never went short in views due to the huge fan base of the Dream SMP out there.

How did animatics videos take over YouTube?

The server became a very successful one and gained a huge fan base within a short time. There were many fan arts, highlight videos, explanatory videos based on the Dream SMP. Then one Animatic video was released based on the same L’Manberg war. It passed millions of views within weeks. Watch the video below.

The video was insane and epic. Mostly all the streamers and the included characters in the video appreciated the video and everyone liked it. Mostly all the players watched the dope animatic video in the live stream which gave huge exposure to the video among the fans. It made the video viral and popular. So this is where all it began. Every other YouTuber came up with some insane animatic videos which also got great attention and appreciation from the fans. Literally, none of those videos went unnoticed or with short view counts. So at this point, more people are attracted to follow the trend and show off their skill with some animatic video which ensures a good result. If you know the storyline of the incidents some of the videos might burst you into tears even though you don't care about any of them. All we can say is the videos are so good and we can introduce a couple of them to you below. There are a lot of animatic videos based on many events. We picked a couple of them which is favorite among the crowd.

This all showed the community is filled with so many talented people all around the world. Dream SMP had several other high intense moments like when MrBeast did a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card for one who finds the chest that is hidden in the Server. To read more about that challenge Click Here and here. At the end of the day the server is growing with players and so does the community and the community is taking over YouTube with Dream SMP animatics.

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