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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Dream donates MCC coins to Cancer research

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Dream MCC 10 coins count

Dream promised to donate his MC Championship coins equivalent dollars to Cancer research. Dream is an active participant in the MCCs. Last time in MCC 9 he couldn't even make it top 10 due to some unlucky incidents but before the beginning of the MCC 10 dream promised to donate to Cancer research. The amount will be equal to the coins he earns in the MCC 10. Dream earned 3405 coins in the championship. So he will be donating $3,405 to Cancer research. Such a great mind from the greatest Minecraft. Check out the video below. 

Dream and his team came 3rd on the championship and dream gaining also a 3rd place in the individual performances. This time Dream appeared to be more cautious and rectifying the mistakes that happened in the previous event. He managed to complete the Parkour course as first and there were several clutch moments from the man himself. Once again he displayed his character and becoming a role model to all the Minecraft YouTubers by donating such a good figure to cancer research. Everyone in his team appreciated his effort to donate and become an example to many upcoming donations.

His individual performance was just amazing which made him more coins which lead to more donations. He is always such a nice guy who never forgets the path that he came from. Back in 17th November 2019. Dream just gave away so much amount of money valued gift cards to his friends like GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo. He gave a $5,000 gift card to GeorgeNotFound. He always gives a shout-out to his friends asks his fans to visit his friend's stream subscribe to their YouTube channel. He never even copyright claims people who make highlight videos from his stream. At the end of the day, he makes 200 IQ moments but also makes a lot of people happy by making awesome content to make more fans and make their life better.

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