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Saturday, 26 September 2020

JackSucksAtLife owns 7 YouTube channels with 194K+ subscribers on each

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JackSucksAtLife, that's the name of his main YouTube channel. He owns 7 YouTube channels himself. As his name indicates he never sucks at subscribers count. All his 7 YouTube channel has the silver play button. That makes him the owner of 7 silver play buttons and the main channel has 1.43 Million+ subscribers which makes him the owner of the gold play button too. Whatever JackSucksAtLife touches turn into subscribers we will list out his channels and subscribers count at the time I write this piece of content. Warning, the name of some channels really sucks. LOL.

JackSucksAtLife's all YouTube channel sub count

1. JackSucksAtLife - 1.43 Million+ 

2. JackSucksAtStuff - 4,64,000 +

3. Jack Massey Welsh - 2,90,000 +

4. JackSucksAtGeography - 1,99,000 +

5. JacksEpicYoutubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX - 1,94,000+

6. turd boi420 - 237,000 + 

7. Don't Subscribe - 480,000 +

JackSucksAtLife now has around 3.1 Million + subscribers on aggregate across all his 7 channels. He posts different videos in different channels. He also applied for the record of  Individual with most YouTube play buttons. Just take look at the wall of this man.

Wall of JackSucksAtLife with YouTube playbuttons

He even got some of his play buttons in different ways. Check out his video for more information. You may think, on which channel the videos are supposed to be?. Just for fun try to find it out and let us know in the comments. People struggle for making content, subscribers, and watch hours but these all are piece of cake for JackSucksAtLife. Watch this guy and you'll come to the summary this guy makes the laziest content in YouTube and gains all the viewers around. It was fun to study his channels and we will let you know more about him in the upcoming articles.

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