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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Mark Rober claimed back his Elephant tooth paste Guinnes world record

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Mark Rober's Devils Toothpaste world record experiment

Mark Rober the ex-NASA guy did many crazy science engineering experiments on YouTube which created him more than 14 Million subscribers. He does crazy stuff like building a NINJA course for squirrels, filling a pool with Orbeez, drop a car from 45m height to a custom build trampoline himself. In all these crazy experiments what makes Mark Rober interesting is he shows us how he built these and what's the science behind the work. In short, he always does engineering stuff with scientific explanations which make the channel pretty entertaining as well as knowledgable.

Now into the battle of records. On 30th Aug 2019 he and a fellow YouTuber Science Bob made a Guinness world record on Elephant toothpaste aka slime foam on largest volume. They filled a pool with the Elephant toothpaste and set the world record. Check out the video below.

The record didn't last long on 19th December 2019 a YouTuber named Nick Uhas did an experiment and broke the Mark Rober's record. Nick Uhas has filled an entire backyard of a house with the same. He used a different catalyst for the reaction which gave him greater results than the previous record holder. Which went insanely viral. Check out that video below.

This was amazingly insane and so satisfying to watch. But the battle just keeps ongoing. On 21 May 2020, another YouTube channel Manual do Mundo claimed this record into their names by doing this experiment in an open stadium with their fans. Check out their attempt video below.
Here comes Mark Rober again, He needs to reclaim this in style. He made this as a birthday party to a boy named Fletcher Rollinson, who fought against a fast-growing brain tumor in past years. Mark Rober himself displayed the good character here by spending a complete day with the boy and his family throwing a great surprise birthday party for him. He also included Fletcher Rollinson's name to the newly done  Guinness world record. Usually, he shows us all the scientific reasons and the materials he used to build everything but this time he doesn't tell us the ingredients he used. Not because he is scared of his record getting broken but it is an extremely dangerous and high risk to do. This time they stopped calling it Elephant Toothpaste and called it Devil's Toothpaste. Even though there happened an unexpected impact on the container where the experiment is done Mark Rober and Fletcher Rollinson managed to break the record by double the value in volume and in height. This was amazing and we thought this is not getting a break soon but here comes the surprise. At the end of the video, Mark Rober gets a call from the craziest YouTuber ever existed MrBeast, and asking about the experiment. We all hope that they are gonna do another experiment covering all the faults in the past and will create an amazing unbreakable record. Check out the video below.

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