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Thursday, 17 September 2020


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we are enough for ourselves!


because nobody knows you more than yourselves!

we all are born and brought up by our parents or guardians.

until a certain age they will be our guide.

they will lead us to a point where we have to continue alone.

there will be everyone around us but we will be alone,

we should care for ourselves, we should comfort ourselves, we should control ourselves

we will be confused and sometimes depressed.

we will have many kinds of stuff going around our heart, but cannot open it up to anyone!

uff #$%😫

sometimes we feel like exploding!

what is the use?

nobody is gonna turn back ur clock, you won't be that dependant kid anymore😊

move on.......

you will be alright because you have 'you'

if you don't believe in 'you', who is gonna believe you?

talk to yourselves, motivate yourselves, and move on.

be strong and brave.

train yourself to withstand any tsunami💥

never wait for anyone for anything because nobody on this earth will be there with you all the time except the almighty

be good to yourself 

love yourself

be yourself


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