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Monday, 7 September 2020

How Dream became so Successful on YouTube



Dream is one of the Fastest Growing and popular Minecraft YouTuber

         For those who don't know Dream. Dream is a Minecraft player and a YouTube content creator who has never revealed his face and one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

Dream's YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing YouTube channel with great quality content
                This pixelated smiley face guy has taken the Minecraft YouTube popularity to next level. His ManHunt series is the most fan attracted content of his channel. If you observe this guy how he made this success. I would say this guy did great research, created new plans, and executed them perfectly.

What were Dream's best-executed plans?

        Before saying anything I'm a huge fan of Dream his skills are amazing. Let's go.


                    The first thing I could say Dream and his friends mainly GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap created a keyword and made that to trending among the content Creators and it spells " Minecraft, But ". Dream and his friends did so many intense, fun, and impossible challenges together which attracted so many viewers and content creators to copy this keyword. They did many things together a few of them are plotted below.
There are so many videos like this that attracted many million views and likes to Dream's and his friends' YouTube channels.

Dream's keyword Minecraft But, really blewed up the YouTube. He and his friends did so many impossible challenges

Intro of YouTube Statistics

        As unique he did everything and made trending in each part. He also managed to create a new intro that did inspire many content creators to do the same.
Dream's YouTube statistics talk also did responded well among the YouTube content creators.

        He did show the YouTube statistics and show the viewers and he says "only a percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed so subscribe it's free. You can always change your mind". This was also copied by many content creators on YouTube.

Placement of Music

        The music he chose to play in his videos is very well placed and is so intense will make us feel we are playing some kinda WebSeries or something. His music placements in the ManHunt Series is so perfect that even YouTube creators themselves agree with itself as Minecraft Action Movie.

His Skills.

            The Dream is considered as the Best Minecraft player in the entire world his skills in Parkour, Building, Speedrunning, and PVP are just amazing. He made three Minecraft Speed run world records himself and the videos are in his channel. He just amazes everyone in his parkour skills in MC Championships everything. There was always a controversy like who is the PVP player. Is it Dream or Technoblade. Even though Technoblade succeeded in beating Dream on a score of 6 to 4 in 10 games. This man showed complete respect and agrees it was Technoblade's day. Minecraft is just isn't PVP so we can still consider Dream as the best Minecraft player in the world.

The Perfect ManHunt series

            Dream and his team did several Manhunt Series where he has to kill the Ender Dragon before his teammates kill him once who can die any number of times. Might seems impossible but not for this guy his skills and High IQ always take this to the next level. He completed 2 Hunters,3 Hunters and now he is doing 4 Hunters to compete with him completing the game.

Dream 's manhunt series is always intense and fun to watch. He's now competing with 4 hunters

                  This is so intense and this man uses his great reflexes and high IQ to escape from them and win against them in several situations. This man will do promise to do his next ManHunt video if he gets 1 Million likes on his video which is pretty hard to get but gets in day 1 day and a few hours usually. With that in mind, you can guess how intense it is. Most of the fans state this is better than any series on Netflix and should be streamed on there too. Can't blame them, you sit on extreme curiosity about what happens next at each and every moment in 45 mins long video. I promise you Manhunt videos never ever make you regret watching such a lengthy video.

Letting live the Parasites

                There are a lot of YouTube channels like Dream's Mom, Dream's Dad, and several other channels with such funny names. These channels posts videos and highlights from his videos or show some streams entirely on their channel. Dream always finds and says They will help him attain more fame and more traffic to his channels. Usually, everybody copyright claims these videos but Dream doesn't. He once made it clear that he is ok if people do some edits or show his video as highlights with some editing, all he said which he would block contents which just copy and paste his entire streams without any edits. There are some stream videos where he advises his friends not to do claim on those channels it will only benefit them more even they are making money like free without any self contents.

These are the few of my findings on how Dream did make this to this level in such a shorter time. He also features in friends videos every time and always gives credit to them every time. 

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