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Thursday, 3 September 2020

How PUBG ban will hit the gaming phone industry

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PUBG Mobile Logo whose game is banned in INDIA which is considered as a great lose for gamers

            As the Indian government bans PUBG and other 100+ apps. This will create a major blow on the gaming phone industry. In India, all the states have players who live streams PUBG Mobile in YouTube and all other platforms earning great fame and money and of course inspiring a lot of youngsters to the gaming platform.

            What's the first thing needed for PUBG mobile and other good graphics games that people love. A smartphone with good specifications and every smartphone company is spending millions on research and production for high spec devices which will run these games smoothly without any lags and drops. Even some companies like OPPO advertised their products using the gaming theme, how they perform in these games. Yeah, it did show a great response in the market and produced a hike in their graphs.

            Games like PUBG are leading in a big valuable market like INDIA. If they ban the game it might affect game addicted ones as well as the smartphone markets who sell and produce high-end devices. Games do replace games, as an alternative like CALL OF DUTY may take over the market and the people may migrate to other games. If not this will highly affect a vulnerable platform like the Smartphone industry.

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