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Thursday, 3 September 2020


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This is a rough sketch from ofasudden.com artists to demonstrate the life inside in a book

 Life is a book

Everyone around us is chapters to be read
you cant turn any pages without reading 
nor you cant skip any!

many chapters come and go
but you can't tear any!

some chapters are constant
those will be there in every single page of your book
from beginning to the end

some come from the middle of pages and stays closer
and that will be the most precious story to be read!

one chapter comes somewhere,
but it will snatch our heart
it will stick in our heart in such a way that;
if our heart is scratched million times, it will heal within seconds!

'life is a book of never-ending stories'
whatever the story is read it patiently.

                                                              -all of sudden-

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