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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Mr. Beast did 1 Million subscribers challenge. It went more than promised.

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Zealous wins the Mr Beast Challenge by competing last one to take off hand from the diamond play button wins

               Mr. Beast one of the best and fast-growing YouTube content creators. Mr. Beast usually does crazy challenges and giving away millions of dollars. This man did give away private island and a million dollars in his other challenges. 

What did Mr.Beast give away this time winner of his Challenge?

                He did give away 1 million subscribers to a YouTuber. He chose 4 Youtubers who are below 100K subscribers to compete in a challenge of last to take the hand of the diamond play button gets 1 million subscribers. Zealous who won the challenge who was below 100K subscriber is now at 1.76M subscribers (wrote on 08-Sep-2020) and soon will be passing 2 Million subscribers. Mr. Beast fans did show loyalty to him and gave all their support to Zealous, who made a huge painting where Mr. Beast giving him Gold Play Button in his home. Mr. Beast gave away millions of dollars and crazy kinds of stuff in challenges and as in charity. He manages to amaze people by the unique content as always. Fans are eager to see what might be the next give away he could possibly make. if he goes at this rate we could see he give away plots in the moon. Watch the challenge here.

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