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Monday, 21 September 2020

In the new Mr Beast challenge the one must give away 40 cars to get the prize

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 MrBeast usually celebrates his milestones in the subscriber counts in several weird ways. This time he took 40 cars to the house of his 40 millionth subscriber. The rule is he has to give away these 40 cars in 24 hours to win a MrBeast 40 million special modified Tesla. MrBeast states that when he hit the milestone of subscribers he takes the list of new subscribers then refreshes it and selects the top one. Luke was the one who got the lucky lot this time. Initially, they parked all the cars in the ground near Luke's house with 9 of them covered in surprise. 

MrBeast's challenge for 40 millionth subscriber

Luke claims to be a good salesman and completed the mission leaving 5 hours on the clock. Luke gifted cars to his parents, brothers, grandparents, uncle, aunt, and to his bunch of his friends. He even gifted a car to a random guy in a wall-mart, in a drive-through and then they even gave a car to a man who was just passing by in another car. Sounds crazy right, but this is normal for MrBeast fans out there. Luke has gifted almost his all friends. The hardest part might be there is convincing. Nobody is gonna believe when someone says I have a free car for you, come and grab it. Anyways, luke gave away all the 40 cars including some cool ones like sponge bob designed car and many other cars.

MrBeast surprised including $5000 in two cars since the car was not good enough as the rest of the other cars. They even pushed out 2 vehicles since it was not in a running condition. There is a challenge behind the covered cars, the one who selects the car has to choose it without lifting the cover. Once it is chosen they can't change it back. The last car was again a surprise for Karl one of the members of his crew. It was his car that MrBeast gave away. At the end of the day, Luke gave away 40 cars to get the Tesla for him. Congrats Luke and MrBeast for reaching 40 Million subscribers (He's already 43 Million+). Watch the video below.

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