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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Shroud released his new gaming gears with LOGITECH

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Shroud's collab with Logitech for the new gaming gears

                 Shroud the ultimate god in Battle Royale games who was the number one streamer on Twitch. Shroud himself can be considered as the number one battle royale gamer who has the precision and aim even the top gamers admire. He released his new gaming gears partnering with LOGITECH.  Millions of people follow Shroud on YouTube and Twitch which will make a great push of the product among the Gamers and his fans. On every product, they added his name and his new logo which is pretty attractive and gorgeous to watch with killer black edition. He even did a live unboxing of his new products for his fans on Twitch and uploaded the video to YouTube. 

                   He even answered the most asked question by his fans. "Shroud why did you changed your logo?". Shroud also answered the question in the same video. Shroud stated that his old logo was not looking great on the gears, but the new logo is just perfect on the products. He unboxed a very minimalistic Mouse pad and yeah with his logo on it. He also unboxed a wireless mouse, keyboard, and a wireless headset on a live stream with his fans, With Shroud's fan base and with the killer looks of the products we can guess that it will hit the market Great. Shroud also uploaded the promo video on YouTube. As he never missed his opponents or target the product has the Title word "NEVER MISS".

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