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Sunday, 27 September 2020

Technoblade beats dream again in MCC 10

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Dream vs Technoblade. An MCC 10 evaluation

The rivalry between Dream and Technoblade is always fun to watch. Even though Technoblade won the 1v1 duel among them. Their rivalry always shined to top. Technoblade was behind Dream in few MCC events in the past which Dream has celebrated so much by making trolls on Twitter and YouTube Community posts. Did the 1v1 duel curse is still staying with Dream? After the duel, he didn't win over Technoblade in the overall MCC individual performances. MCC 9 and MCC 10 Dream came behind Technoblade while in MCC 9 Dream didn't even feature in the top 10 of individual performances.

The $1,00,000 1v1 Duel did give Technoblade a great boost in confidence. His fans are happy and he is so proud of himself. He also trains too much nowadays for the upcoming MCC events. This became a prestige issue between Dream and Technoblade. We can see in their stream sometimes they even compare themself but not to the player who earned first in the event. Meanwhile, these 2 are the greatest ever Minecraft players in the world. They always keep consistency in the MCC events to be on the top 10. To be fair on the topic Technoblade did improve a lot on his parkour skills. You can clearly see that in the MCC 10. Where Dream even followed Technoblade to be second in a competition.

Whatever be the sport or game there will be always 2 players who will compete be the top. Like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The Minecraft fans have Dream and Technoblade. We wish to see more fights, competition, parkours, and more rivalry between them.

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