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Friday, 4 September 2020


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               Patience is
 not just a word.
               It is a carton filled with infinite emotions.
This is the image from ofasudden.com artists to show of the hapiness and heartbreaks and to demonstrate the need to be patientLife is a journey from almighty to almighty; a journey with countless 
tests over tests.
From the moment we start living on this earth, we actually started the battle; 'the battle of existence'.
In this limited time of our existence, we may go through many ups and downs.
Sometimes we feel happy.
We will be at the peak of cheerfulness.
We will be in high energy and radiate it to others.
Sometimes we feel sad.
We will be at the lowest point of gloom.
We might feel that nothing is going to be ok and saps our energy.
Sometimes we feel angry.
We feel like exploding
We throw storm on others
We hurt ourself thinking that everything is over

But wait!
You have something within yourself which can be your weapon in all your tests.
It is nothing but patience.
Patience is simply beautiful; it has the capacity to withstand any hurricanes just with a smile. Isn't it beautiful?

When happiness hits you, you should be patient.
you should be happy with whatever you have and never ask more.
Be happy with whatever almighty is provided because he knows what you need than what you want!

When sadness hits you, you should be patient.
you should be patient until the storm gets over.
Every delay has its blessing, never lose your hope on anything 
because you get everything right at the right time!

When anger hits you, you should be patient.
Never use harsh words on anyone because that might be the last word you may utter to him or her.
Silence is always the best shield, anger just harms others but silence makes others fail!

almighty never burden a soul than it can bear, that is the beauty of patience



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