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Sunday, 20 September 2020

The channel Safari TV operates without any single piece of ad since 2013

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Safari Exploring channel logo


Safari Channel even made a live stream online without any ads. You may wonder how the channel is paying the satellite expenses and getting the revenue for the wages of the staff, rents, and whatever expense you can imagine on running a Television channel. Initially, we would introduce to you, Who is behind this channel? Where is it located? What is their goal behind this Channel? How do they operate without any advertisements?

Who is the brain behind this channel?

Santhosh George Kulangara is the man behind this entire channel. Santhosh George Kulangara is a global explorer who went to all the 7 continents available on the Earth to make it further he even booked a seat on a space travel opportunity from the Virgin Company. He, himself can be considered as an explorer with a high vision. He started his Journeys from his younger age itself and he always wanted to share his journey experiences to the public via a visual travelogue. He started a television Series "Sancharam" in the local language Malayalam which attracted millions of viewers and he was the first to do it in INDIA. That was the start and the legend says this guy still keeps on making miracles happen. This is just a brief introduction to the legendary Santhosh George Kulangara.
Santhosh George Kulangara the man behind the Safari TV

Where the channel is located?

The channel is located in the Kottayam District in God's own country Kerala in India. They are here for the last 7+ counting years and still making the whole INDIA proud.

What is their goal behind this channel?

This man had only one dream to travel and make others dream to travel to learn the world, culture, and so on. The channel is mainly focused on visual travelogues and informative content. They could've shown ads to make millions from their viewers but they want to clearly state that Money is never their motive behind this channel. They just wanted people to be informative and give something useful to them at each moment. This channel was a dream come true for the explorer himself.

How do they operate without any advertisements?

It's always a question of how do they pay the rents of the satellite broadcasters which is a huge amount and other expenses without any sponsors. This man has made several video travelogues covering most of the cities, historic places, and all other kinds of places you could possibly imagine. He made this video footages exclusive which are not shown among the video footages he used to show in his channel, YouTube channel, or anywhere. This is made exclusive and sells in the form Pendrives and CD s for the needed ones. Customers like who want to learn about different cities in deep, Architectural students learning in different Universities who want to learn the architecture of the historical places, and obviously his fans and one who loves traveling also purchase such exclusive footages. From this income, he broadcasts his channel all around the world for free without any advertisements. Of course, this man has a YouTube channel named Safari with 1 Million+ subscribers and other businesses that we are not into. All the efforts of the Safari channel didn't go down people welcomed the channel with their hearts open.

As this man travels around 100+ countries around the world he also inspires people to travel around the world. The message from his life is Dream to Travel, Travel to Dream, and also inspire the world to travel and explore.

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