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Saturday, 5 September 2020


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The sky is something that follows us even our shadow leaves us!. Can you imagine 'a world without a sky'?. It would be like' a man without a heart'.

 There are many faces for the sky, each face has its own story.

Sometimes the sky seems 'clear & bright', sometimes it seems 'moody &dull', sometimes it seems 'heavy and furious'; the faces go on.

Sky teaches us many things. It spread light around us making each one of us energetic. It shed its light whenever we need rest. It gives us water for our survival. It sometimes threatens us just to make us remember that 'after every peal of thunder a clear sky awaits'.

Whenever your heart is heavy and is about to shatter into millions of pieces just lookupThere is a vast sky just smiling for you!. Our heart may weigh a thousand tones but there is a sky waiting for you. Just leave your stuff there, because we don't have enough capacity to carry that much!. We can say whatever we wish whenever we needed with no fear because it is all a secret between us!

Close your eyes, then open it and look up, again close your eyes, then open it and look up, it is there for you always.

Sky teaches us that after every ending there is a beginning!. Sun come and go daily. That is how we live daily. But never forget to shine because the sun never forgets to shine!

sky teaches us that life is all about a second chance. The day might seem dark and cloudy but the night will be the best ever. Stars twinkle on those days than ever!

Don't forget to shine every time; because the sky never fails to shine. On the day it shines because of the sun, at night it shines because of stars and the moon.


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