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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

TheEret won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card that in the Dream SMP MrBeast Challenge

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Eret won the $10,000 taco bell challenge from MrBeast in Dream SMP

After hours of searching by several players in the Dream SMP. TheEret has found and won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card from the entire server. MrBeast posted joined along with Dream and hid a chest with a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in a chest and posted an image of the same on Twitter. Mostly all of the players ran everywhere. Even though the server reset made a little disturbing, Dream made it back so easily. it was so intense and everyone searched it so well. Every player who was searching made live streams which makes it even harder to find it. fans always believed he could find that always helped him in finding them with tips and suggestions. All Dream said was there is some information in the image and it is inside the 75K,75K range of blocks. This was the image posted by MrBeast on Twitter.

MrBeast hiding the chest with $10,000 Taco bell gift card
The event went like 4 hours+ where MrBeast Tweeted again 
MrBeast tweeting on $10,000 challenge

 As a response Dream tweeted 
Dream tweeting on $10,000 challenge

It doesn't provide much help to the streamers.

Even though everyone played well and TheEret won the challenge. It's insane like you have to never pay more food again in your entire life. Everyone constantly checked the MrBeast profiles to check for any other breakthrough. This was so intense and fans were looking at multiple screens to witness whoever wins it first. There were some lags in the server which never stopped TheEret. Whenever MrBeast and Dream do collabs its crazy, intense, and people love these contents. Dream SMP videos always kept on trending in Twitch and YouTube platforms. To check who all participated read here. In the image, it was looking like the image is from a Swamp biome. Once again thanks to MrBeast for such an intense event from our Minecraft heroes.

After a few more hours MrBeast changed his twitter name to this since he wanted it to get it solved today itself.
MrBeast changing his twitter name

Everybody actually raced to coordinates but Eret reached there first and found the book and got a call from the MrBeast and he was streaming. Dream actually passed  TheEret's number to MrBeast and promised he will give the gift card in the call. Everyone was there to appreciate the effort of this man and Fundy raided him so he can celebrate with more viewers. Its more than 3 hours Eret has streamed to earn the infinite food from the Taco Bell and he said MrBeast he is not a great fan of Taco Bell though. TheEret may feature in a video of MrBeast Gaming channel so he might get more exposure and a good career ahead. There were a lot of appreciable efforts like Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound who almost streamed more than 4 hours for this. We are all proud of Eret and his fans winning the hard challenge.

The craziest and funny thing is BadBoyHalo promised to build a statue for Eret in the memory of this legendary win which took hours.

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