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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Antfrost has 75K subscribers on YouTube without any content. Who is Antfrost?

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Antfrost featured in Dream's 4 man Manhunt First version where he started a channel and hasn't uploaded a video yet. The dream fans started following him without any reason.
                You might wonder how this gained 75K subscribers without any post or without any video posted. We'll shock you how. He just featured in one YouTube video that's it. He did his face reveal read it here.

How Antfrost gained 75K subscribers without any content?

                        Antfrost who had featured in a video and who's channel link was in the description of that video. That's all he did. Now, he had the perk of being a friend of a fast-growing and popular YouTuber Dream. Antfrost has featured in Dream's 4 man manhunt video which just blew up like the other videos of the manhunt series. Antfrost was the newly introduced fourth hunter to stop Dream. Dream provided the link to Antfrost's channel in his description and said it in the video too. That was enough for the fans to follow him and love him. It is a great lesson for other small YouTubers that try to feature in videos of the popular and fast-growing YouTube channels. Anyway, Antfrost is going to pass 100k so easily by the release of the next Manhunt which many YouTubers hardly achieve. My question here is, will he get a Silver play button without any content other than a logo and banner?

Here's the video which took his channel to the next level.

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