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Saturday, 5 September 2020

This is how I passed Fiverr English Test without any knowledge

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This is the Fiverr logo. You can visit them easily just google search Fiverr

            Passing the English test is mandatory Freelance content writers and an advantage for getting a great number of clients. Initially, regarding the test. This is an easy test for anyone with a basic knowledge use this trick only if you are lazy enough to think the basics or you've zero knowledge to pass the test. Anyway Fiverr is a great platform any freelance contents. Make a visit to our gig here. The exam is 40 minutes with 40 questions and you have to obtain a minimum of score 7 to win the test which is pretty easy with this trick

Straight into the point.

          Fiverr conducts the exam in a separate window in the browser where you can't navigate to other pages. So we recommend you to keep your internet-connected smartphone device with you. Now you have to install an app BRAINLY from either your Play Store(Android) or from the App Store(iOS). Create your account and keep your app ready with a search option. Now, start the test and you have to search the question in the BRAINLY app with the same question. 90% of the same questions are available in BRAINLY with everything is an exact copy. You can find the exact same question while typing in the search of the app. Now the only thing to note is to be wise while you select the answer. There may be answers wrong so you have to choose the answer that is most rated one. 
This is the logo of Brainly. Download the app for you iOS or Android or visit their web version.

            You may think this will be tough enough to do everything trust me if you have an average typing speed you can complete and pass the test with 10 minutes remaining on the clock. If this finds helpful feel free to let us know in the comments.

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