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Friday, 4 September 2020

This is the oppurtunity to be on Top for young gamers in INDIA after PUBG mobile ban.

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                As PUBG Mobile is banned in INDIA gamers are going to switch the games they're playing. It's a  global fact that is no gamer is great in every game in the market. It takes the gamers in the PUBG Mobile time to gain the skills in the other games. So it's the best opportunity for young gamers to get the uplift they seek. Young gamers have to choose a game wisely which game will be trending next setup your YouTube live streams, videos and showcases your skill, and BANG you'll have a good fan base if you have the right skill set in the game.

                Here are our 5 Battle Royale game suggestions for you. Pick one and start playing gain skills go live, market, and brand yourself while other streamers take time to get a hold of the new game.

1. Call of Duty Mobile (Recommended)

This the image of Call of Duty game took from the play store web version

Call of duty is a great replacement for PUBG Mobile. It's 4.5 rated action-filled games with around 100M+ downloads. You can easily level up and have a good strategy prepared for the game if you spend the right time and skill on the game.

 2. Garena Free Fire 

This the image of Garena Free Fire took from the play store web version

Garena Free Fire is also a good replacement for PUBG Mobile. It's a 4.1 rated thrilling game with options of short matches of 50 players and 10 minutes. The game is very popular and already have 500M+ downloads in the play store. There will be great players already in the platform which makes it hard to compete for young gamers to climb up to the top.

3. Hopeless Land: Fight for survival

This the image of Hopeless Land: Fight for survival took from the play store web version

        This game is similar to PUBG mobile where 121 people try parachuting and fight each other and win, This game has helicopter shootings that make action to the air too. This game is  3.9 rated with around 50M+ downloads. There will be some highly skilled players in the game. If the game gets the right the boost and if you stream with a good skill set in this game. Yeah, young gamer you'll be on the top. This game has simple controls and mechanisms you can master easily.

4.Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground


This the image of Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground took from the play store web version

        Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground is a good game adorable pixel-like graphics which is majorly considered as the mixture of Minecraft and PUBG Mobile. This is 3.9 rated with around 50M+ downloads. Invest your time and skill in this game, you may reach up the top.

5.Ark: Survival Evolved


This the image of Ark: Survival Evolved took from the play store web version
        This game with 4.0 rating with around 10M+ downloads. Unlike the other battle royale games, we train and use Dinosaurs in the accordingly in the land, water, underground, and so on. Take the war to the next level. Enjoy the game and try to have an established gaming career now itself.

These are purely our suggestions for gamers who are shadowed behind the gamers who are on top of YouTube, Twitch, and other stream platforms. It's the right time to give a push to your gaming career to be on top. Remember games replace games and people will look for new gamers with unbeatable skills. Polish your skills. All the best Young gamers.

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