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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

This YouTube Channel Don't Subscribe has 450K+ subscribers without any content

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Don't subscribe channel having 450K+ subscribers without any conten

                This YouTube channel Don't Subscribe has 450K+ subscribers and without any piece of content in that. Yeah, I love to write articles on No content Youtube channels. You might freak out a logo and an image saying some message gets this many subscribers. How the Hell!! 

What if I tell you this a challenge by 2 YouTubers and one pay the other on subscriber count. You read it right. MrBeast the one who does crazy challenges and giveaways. He literally makes some people's life happy in real life and others by adding new videos to his crazy video collections. Then there is another YouTuber named JackSucksAtLife who took the deal from the MrBeast himself. JackSucksAtLife, the name doesn't match the real life of the YouTuber. He has a bunch of YouTube channels and most of them have crazy names as the former and did have play buttons for most of them. He even applied for the record of Individual YouTuber having the most number of Play Buttons.

Here's the deal between the two. MrBeast will give 10 cents for every subscriber this channel gets. To make easier math JackSucksAtLife will get a $100 for every 1000 subscribers. Jack made a video about it and boom. People took it well now the channel has 450K+subscribers. JackSucksAtLife will have a $45,000+ in his pocket by just posting this video. Yeah, literally he made the deal worthy.

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