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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

What happened to Airrack who challenged Chandler for his Island that he won from MrBeast challenge

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AirRack has challenged Chandler for his Island

 The Youtuber Airrack has made an open challenge to one of the MrBeast crew Chandler. What happened next is crazy. This man with his team spent some time on the island that won by Chandler from the MrBeast challenge and at the end of the video he says he checked Chandler's Instagram and found Chandler is good in 3 things Basket Ball, Base Ball, and Video games. The one who watches the MrBeast videos know that Chandler is good for nothing. LOL! just kidding. He just won a $7,00,000 island from the challenge that had 10 participants. Actually, he's great and a fan favorite.

He made people comment "Accept Airrack's Challenge!!" in the island video. What happened next might sound funny or crazy. MrBeast followed this guy and asked his phone number to contact him. He called Airrack and talked with him. In the phone call MrBeast clearly states that Chandler sold that island after he won it and the island no more belongs to Chandler anymore, he sold it back. So the challenge was dropped and he made a video with this in the channel. MrBeast also encouraged Airrack to move on with the channel which has good content and will be soon hitting 10 Million according to MrBeast. We didn't assume any of these watch the video below.

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