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Monday, 19 October 2020

How I got adsense activated with less than 20 articles and started earning

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I got adsense

This is our journey of getting the AdSense account activated within 2 months with 20 less than articles and started earning from the blog. Like everyone, I tried looking for several ways of earning a passive income online. I do an 8-hour job so making regular YouTube videos editing it which became a lot harder for me. So I skipped YouTube and started to look in other ways and found blogging. You might think of blogging as an old way of earning a passive income but it's not. I will start my journey here. 

So I decided to start blogging.

Finding my own content was so hard for me we initially wrote some poetic and other contents hoping some audience reach here soon but it doesn't invite anyone. So I decided to write about the YouTubers and their videos and when I had almost 10 articles published. I applied for AdSense they rejected it. The great disadvantage of getting rejected by Adsense is they never tell you what the problem is you've to figure out what's the problem. The first time applied they rejected it and said "Navigation problems". Here is what I did to solve that I went to www.woorank.com and they have a free tool we just have to go there paste our URL and they'll let us know the problems with our website. Then I fixed broken links and most of the things they said by spending 2 hours daily on this.

So Applied again.

Guess what I got rejected again after applying and waiting for 2 weeks. This was the message they gave me.
Adsense rejection on programme policies

When they said programme policies I didn't what was that. I googled it and found you need to have quality content and viewers. So for content, I made the articled count to 20. Then I set up the Google Analytics for my Website so I can monitor and gets all the reports. Then I also set up the Google search console for the Website these tools helped me on the way. Still, I lacked in viewers.

How I attracted Viewers to my Website

A YouTuber named MrBeast who has 45 Million subscribers made a challenge and announced it on Twitter. Dream SMP is a Minecraft server where the world's popular Minecraft players play together and have all their funs together. MrBeast hid a $10,000 Taco-bell gift card in the server. So all the players who have huge fan bases started to stream searching for it. So I found this almost it started and took this my opportunity to attract viewers. So I quickly wrote an article about this containing the links to the streamer's live stream and published it. Publishing it won't take your website to the top in search results if you are a small blogger like me. So I went to Google Search Console quickly where you can request to index your website so it comes in the search result.
Google Search console URL inspection

In the image above you can see, there is Request indexing which I used to let Google know about my URL, and after that google added it in the search result. Guess what I became second in the search result. Since it was a live unannounced live event no one wrote about it this and the first result was to the tweet MrBeast made(now it is in fourth or fifth). Try searching "Dream SMP 10000 taco bell MrBeast". That's it I made it attracted a lot of viewers to my website. This might be a small amount for a well-established website but this was so good for me.
View count of website

I started to have a decent amount of viewers to my website. Now I almost had 20 articles then I applied for Adsense again and waited for almost 3 weeks and BANG I got it.
Adsense approved

This how easily you can earn a passive income from blogging. 
I am posting the links to the content I wrote to attract many users.

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