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Monday, 19 October 2020

Dream Announces Manhunt 4 hunters rematch in 24 hours

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 One of the fastest-growing Youtube channel Dream who grew from 1,000 subscribers to 10Milllion subscribers in a year. One of the main attractions is the Manhunt series. Manhunt series is just so amazing so it attracted a huge level of audience to the channel. Now dream announces Manhunt 4 hunters rematch in 24 hours in second Twitter account.

Manhunt 4 rematch tweet

Check the stats in just 1 hour it gained almost 21.1K likes which shows us how welcoming is Manhunt series among the audience and the community he grew through his YouTube channels. Almost all the manhunt has more than 20Million views which is a lot for a gaming channel. Apart from Manhunt Dream used several ways to break down the YouTube algorithm which we broke down in another article. Read it here. So it will be in around 24 hours all we can do is click that bell icon of his YouTube channel and watch it as soon as it goes up. Every time in the Manhunt dream introduces so many high IQ moments that become so viral. He also practices so many things he sees in Reddit to use in Manhunt as an advantage against the hunters. He started from one hunter to now to 4 hunters. Initially, it was GeorgeNotFound who hunted him then he added Sapnap. He wanted more challenges so he invited BadboyHalo as a hunter. Several times he lost to them too. Dream asks the fans to do 1 Million likes on the video so he ensures and confirms the video is still trending and people love. Usually after posting the video 1 Million likes is achieved within 24 hours. With all these including us, the whole community is waiting for the video.

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