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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch

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Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch

Dream won the Manhunt 4 hunters rematch. It looks like he won it so easily just because of his IQ and highly polishes Speed run skills. It's obvious he tries and tests everything he watches on Reddit and every where to implement it in the Manhunt. Dream promises quality content always and he ensures it in the Manhunt too. You could've seen in the first video of Manhunt with 4 hunters video he used the Fishing rod and towering up techniques but he never used any of the previous tricks he used to meme his fellow hunters in the past. Firstly if you didn' watch this epic video click the video below and watch it.

Talking about the high IQ moments trapping the hunters on the nether was so epic they couldn't nothing but die to respawn and they never even expected that. Hunters weren't bad this time too but his high IQ and speed run skills make it easier for him. He killed hunters many times so they have to start again. He never runs out of tricks under his sleeves. There is no wonder why he gained 10 Million subscribers in 1 year. We don't want to spoil every movement he made in this content.

We will help you break down how he keeps his Manhunt series so well and well accepted among his fans

1)Never repeat something to execute the hunters

He always tries to maintain quality content which means repetition is boring. Since he has a high IQ and follows Reddit he never has to repeat something. If he used one thing in one of the videos he is just like promising his audience not to repeat that in the other videos.

2)Announcing the video earlier

He always announces hie Manhunt videos earlier like before 24 hours so everyone is notified and it just didn't pop up as a wonder. It helps him summon a great audience right at the start of the video which boost it to the Trendings so quick. He also manages to add one more Tweet just before an hour to go on the video. We wrote separate content about this read it here

3) Scheduling the video as Premier

While watching the premiere at the time scheduled no one can forward and do the spoils in the comment so none of them accidentally read the comments and get frustrated. The best thing is the viewers never know hum much time is left on the video so they can't predict anything. Anything can happen at any time. Just like a Hollywood movie.

4) Music

He always includes different music in most of the cases so that it never gets repeated and if you watched the video he added some scary music when he hides from the hunters and fun music when he wins that battle with them. Placing the right music and the right moment makes it so perfect. Which makes it so intense.

5)Reacting Video

Everyone wants to know the thoughts of the players included in the video. He always keeps a video of their discussion regarding the Manhunt video in his secondary channel. He fills it up with the fun discussion of the precious moments and, guess what people love this. He always schedules the uploading of this video just after the premier ends either this will be in trending too. So people won't accidentally watch this video and get the spoilers first. Watch the discussion video below only if you've watched the entire Manhunt video first

6) Not getting washes away with overwhelming support.

What happens to several YouTubers they come to the top so easily and loses that spot right after they achieve it. Dream, MrBeast are so exceptions so reach the top and support other peoples to be on top which maintains them on the top. So he knows how to survive on the top.

We also wrote about how Dream became so successful on YouTube. Read it here

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