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Friday, 16 October 2020

MrBeast is going live on Influencer Trivia Tournament with $300,000 prize is already viral

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MrBeast the man who makes viral content on whatever he does is here with another viral content. Influencer Trivia Tournament the thumbnail verifies the participation of Dream, Mark Rober, Ninja, KSI, and many others. The fans are already there awaiting a live fun moment with their favorite influencers. The last time MrBeast did a live tournament was on 26th April 2020 at the beginning of pandemic lockdowns. It was a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament that had a prize of attractive $250,000 and the tournament was a grand success. A YouTuber named NadeShot won the tournament and the amount is transferred to a charity. which had 32 participants where they played Rock Paper Scissors online since it was on lockdown. Every MrBeast video comes with helping someone in some way and the last online Tournament was a fundraiser. Google partnered with MrBeast in the fundraiser that for every 1 dollar donated Google matches it to 3 dollars. At the end of the stream, MrBeast says that they've raised almost around $1,040,000. It already has 35 Million times. Set a reminder to the video here.

Fans are eagerly waiting now to see what will be the updates this time. This man getting better each time with his 45 Million subscribers ensures the program will be well entertaining and fun. Including Dream in the event attracts the whole other community to the channel. So the video will be fun and MrBeast with Chris, Chandler, and Karl are promisingly entertaining in every way. So the MrBeast crew with the smell of competition among the contestants who are influencers will be so thrilling to watch. All we can do is wait for the event and set a reminder to watch it live.

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