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Saturday, 24 October 2020

MrBeast Uber'd and gave the cars to the Random People

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 What are the odds you just placed an Uber ride and reach the destination and realize that the car is yours? Whhhhaaatttt. Yeah, he even gave away a Lamborghini. If I was the passenger I would've shocked to death. That was so insane, intense, and made several people happy. MrBeast and the crew did some weird things so that the passenger thinks they are crazy and will not believe them at the first and when they realize it will be so crazy to film those. By the way, I can't stop swearing on He gave away this beauty.

MrBeast gave away Lamborghini
There were some crazy moments when there were 3 passengers. So to decide whom to give the car he just made a running race between them so the winner gets the car. This is no strange situation for MrBeast to solve. He is actually addicted to giving away. He is an uninvited guest to make the public happy. Can you believe it he gave away 6+ cars just for a 14 minute and literally without a single sponsorship mentioning? He even gave a Uber guy a car stating he realizes how to live as an Uber guy. Most of them really went to tears and say what people love Jimmy aka MrBeast.

This is the best part he made a race among his crewmates. Not car race actually whoever in Chandler, Karl and Tyler give away a car they will just win $10,000. The content was crazy. Everyone was so rushed to win and guess what most of the people doesn't believe them and keep on ignoring them. In the end, a guy agrees to get the car from Tyler who just wins $10,000 just he gave away a car for free. Even if I was in the audience I won't have accepted the car unless I watched their videos and know who they are. People differ in character and if you agree with me you already lost the car from MrBeast.

MrBeast is a legend on the content he fills so much fun, emotions, craziness so on. At the end of the day, he makes people's life easy and HAPPY. We love MrBeast in case this reaches you. We love you, Just keep on being amazing. Watch the crazy video below.

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