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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Dream vs Technoblade MCC 11 results

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Dream won MCC 11

 This is the complete game by game analysis of Dream vs Technoblade in MCC 11.

1)Hole in the wall:

In the first game Dream came 20th while techno blade secured a 5th which gave a great lead to compare with Dream but it doesn't matter in any way there is a lot to go. This was a pure individual skill game and Technoblade came way top on this.

2)Sky Battle

This is an interesting start of MCC 11. This is another game of team strat depends on the team.
In the first battle Dream and Sapnap completed.
In the second round, they both made it to the first.
In the third round Dream, George and, Sapnap finished on top
Where Dream finished on 1st and Technoblade became 15th.
Let's move on to 3rd now.

3)Rocket Spleef

We don't know what happened to Dream but he has some serious issues that we finally heard in Geroge's stream is "POLICE OFFICERS" Dream went completely on mute and still playing he didn't even play in the first round due to some situations. He is still competing. Techno blade finished on 18th and Dream finished on 31st something bad happened took this man a little below on the table.


Dream is still muted but competing. Nothing stops Technoblade. Technoblade secured 1st and Dream on the 4th. The happy news is Dream is back. One thing to say Technoblade cruised the entire course. Great to watch.


The audience selected this game and they chose a pretty interesting now. We couldn't figure out their positions were actually didn't come on top 5.

6)Big sales at Build Mart

Techno's team came 3rd and Dream's team came on 8th. It was so intense and fun to watch. This a team game can't compare individuals

7)Parkour Warrior

This is completely individual. Dream clearly showed his dominance in the parkour game. He placed 1st. Now Technoblade got 4th place. Dream was a monster on this. This is something to watch.

8)Sands of Time

This is another team game in the competition. Dream team game on 3rd and advanced to the finals and Technoblade's team went 6th and they didn't make it to the final Witch bolt thingy.

Now comparing the Technoblade vs Dream. Dream dominantly topped on the First place on the podium then Technoblade secured 3rd in the podium it was fun to watch and surely we know Dream vs Technoblade will be intense on next MCC 12 too. By the way, obtained Fruitberries is the one who obtained the second. In the end, Dream Team and Karl won the entire MCC 12 event. Congrats to them.
Dream team won MCC 12

Let's see what happens in MCC 12.

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