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Friday, 23 October 2020

Luke TheNotable's 2000 days of Minecraft Hardcore is almost here



Luke theNoteable
Luke TheNoteable is a YouTuber with 2.5Million+ subscribers and famous for his Surviving Minecraft Hardcore series. Luke TheNoteable's survival of 1000 days went so crazy among the Minecraft community. It's a 1 hour and 30 mins video with 32 Million+ views. It was so nice where he described a brief of what he did on the Minecraft day. The video includes him narrating 300 days to 1000 days. His narration style was so outstanding which made viewers watch it multiple times. What makes it so special? In Minecraft Hardcore you can't reset the Hardness of the game it is locked to the Hard where a single creeper explosion can kill you and once you are dead the world is deleted no more obtained back. Many players still attempting daily and most of them rage quits. Then comes this man who survived 1000 days and still going.

EDIT: He completed 2000 Days Read it here

When do the 2000 days Video is releasing?

What is your progress? When we can watch 2000 days is the most received question to Luke TheNoteable. So he made an easy way for his fans and curious viewers can track his progress without asking him each time. He made the location of this official Twitter page to the number of days he survived and now he's at 1911 days. 
Luke theNoteable Twitter
So close to 2000 days and memes started to take over Instagram and everyone is so eagerly waiting to have the fun. Even though there are Minecraft hardcore player survived around 5 years of real-life this is pretty hard. So many of the YouTuber's started streams similar to this. The voice and the way he briefs a day in perfect he retains the viewers. Watch the 1000 days video below.

All the fans are so eager to know what crazy things he did in these newer 1000 days. Near-death moments and how he survived is so crazy each time. Anyway, let's hope he won't make us wait longer to do this 2000 days. Let's wait for that.

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