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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Manberg festival on Oct 16th is going to be so epic. Dream SMP

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The Dream SMP storyline became so epic and the entire community is waiting for the Manber festival on Oct 16th. Schlatt 2020 and Swag 2020 together won the elections and made a new government. The first thing Schlatt did in his presidential speech was banning TommyInnit and Wilbursoot from L'Manberg. Wilbur soot and TommyInnit ran with their life watching Schlatt ordering and breaking L'Manberg walls. It was so painful to watch. Then Tommy and Wilbur created a new place called POGTOPIA as their base and they invited Techno blade to their side for the upcoming war with Schlatt's renamed Manberg.

Then Schlatt announced a Manberg festival so everyone can enjoy the democracy inviting all the players inside the server except for Tommy and Wilbur. Decided to make the festival a grand success on Oct 16th.

This pretty much makes Wilbur disturbed who thinks they are the bad guys here and plans to burn the entire Manberg on the festival date Oct 16th. He asked the help of Dream himself to provide him TNT s to blow up the entire Manberg. Dream clearly agreed with Wilbur to blow up the Manberg and Dream stated he doesn't need any more of Pogtopia or Manberg he wants L'Manberg back. So the Dream starting in shadows gifted the TNTs to Wilbur soot to blow up the Manberg. Take a look at the video below,

Tommy clearly disagrees with Wilbur to blow up the Manberg he refused to help Wilbur in this. Later Wilbur explains his plan to blow up the Manberg festival to Tubbo. It's on Tubbo's speech the TNTs will blow up and Wilbur also asked Tubbo to take down the flag after the explosion. Wilbur asked Tubbo to promise that he won't talk to Tommy anymore on this. 
All the fans and community is eagerly waiting for the Manberg festival to see what happens on that day. Even though they all are friends it's fun to watch how they grew up the Dream SMP server with this politics and all. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow the quick highlights of the live streams of Dream SMP player. Thanks for reading.

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