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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Luke the Noteable Completed his 2000 days Mark in Hardcore Minecraft

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Luke TheNoteable who is so famous for his Minecraft hardcore adventures. This is great news for his stans right now he completed the 2000 days mark on Minecraft and started editing the video of the same. Everyone was waiting so bad for this checking his Twitter page to know the progress and At last, we saw the words 2000 Days on his official Twitter page. 

LukeTheNoteable 2000 days completed
It's time to change his The 1000 Days Man to 2000 Days man we can spam that in the comments of the video once it is out. Even though he made a great achievement it might take some time to upload the video because unlike his old videos in this video has to cover a 1000 Days long run here. His narrative style, voice, and his brief description of each day along with amazing creativities make the video amazing. Since it is Hardcore Minecraft we are assured of near-death moments that will give us goosebumps. Memes were flooding on Twitter and Reddit when he reached the 1950+ Days itself. So everyone is so proud of his achievement. Memes and Trolls are still flooding in Reddit and Twitter.

To know more about his Minecraft adventure days. Take a look here. We can wait for the video to be uploaded soon and let's cheer PogChamps all around. 

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