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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Pokimane reduced her maximum Donation limit to $5

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Pokimane reduced her maximum Donation limit to $5

The 24 years old female streamer who always stays on top of the list just announced that she reduced her maximum donation limit to $5. Pokimane fans are well known for their high amount of donations and they are called 'simps' for the same. This move can be appreciated on this hard pandemic time where people enjoy streams staying home more than ever. Donations like these are always a huge income for the streamers sometimes they receive more than they deserve. Main attraction Pokimane decided to stop people donating her a large amount so they are advised to spend on the other small streamers or to treat themselves with the money. She worked with Stream Labs and announced the same in her official Twitter profile. She also stated something which more other streamers don't do. She said anything more than this is unnecessary at this point. These actions prove why she is on top of the streaming community. Take a look at the Twitter post below.

 All the community welcomed this tweet. So many Content creators themselves replied to this tweet as a legendary action to take. Still, there are so many streamers who just farm the donations from the fans or viewers don't even care about how hard they made money and all. That's something personal but a person saying don't spend money on me treat yourself is always a non-greedy character and something everyone who earned enough already should copy. We offer Pokimane a standing ovation for the same. Also, the Teen streamer who streams every day with more than 50K viewers is inspired by this legendary action and queried regarding this in the same. We need streamers who thinks about others life and spread humanity all around the world.

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